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how to get the maximum heat of a wood stove?
I want to maximize the heat of the stove, ...
27-9-2020 at 10:31
by: andy1988
Biodiesel improvements
I found [url= ...
23-8-2020 at 14:24
by: andy1988
The disappearance of cheap ebay laboratory glassware
The [url= ...
10-8-2020 at 02:57
by: andy1988
Blowing 100k on science equipment
How to use a microscope hands-on was something I would've liked to have had in my secondary school e ...
4-7-2020 at 08:07
by: andy1988
Books that reference other (older) books
Looks like [url=]School Science Review[/url], ...
29-6-2020 at 17:32
by: andy1988
Anti bike theft agent
[rquote=637249&tid=155483&author=Herr Haber]@karlos: those things used to be hexachloroethan ...
12-6-2020 at 22:36
by: andy1988
Water Aspiration Food Dehydration
It seems the "right"/commercial way to freeze ...
2-6-2020 at 14:32
by: andy1988
Cosmetics Chemistry
This website has been helpful for me in finding information on possible ingredients: http://www.theg ...
1-6-2020 at 11:09
by: andy1988
Picture, video, PDF, TXT, Doc/Docx, XLS, etc permenant hosing site for forums
Agreed it is a problem on the internet.

I am fond of the [url= ...
25-5-2020 at 12:37
by: andy1988
Porcelain toilet bowl tank - anyone think of any possible uses?
I'd thought about inverting a toilet bowl over a 2nd one to make a large reactor vessel for making a ...
22-5-2020 at 11:02
by: andy1988
Synthesis for Hydrogen Peroxide?
Here is an alternative production method published this month:
[url= ...
15-5-2020 at 13:35
by: andy1988
Making a triple point of water cell
Apparently the pencil eraser is a thing. Years ago I'd thought some PhD physicists I worked with wer ...
6-5-2020 at 16:18
by: andy1988
Open-source Raman spectrometer looking for academic partners
Here is possible application if it can be packaged in a hand held form factor, with this research gr ...
4-5-2020 at 14:07
by: andy1988
Changing the platters in a HD
[rquote=635287&tid=155056&author=yobbo II]Are there any programs that work (under DOS) that ...
3-5-2020 at 16:36
by: andy1988
COVID-19 heat resistance ?
Sounds like the virus is resilient compared to others with respect to heat (IR).

A couple well wr ...
24-4-2020 at 11:13
by: andy1988
People inadvertently making explosive disinfectants
On that U.S. corn-fuel topic, it isn't sustainable. The Ogallala Aquifer underlies 8 U.S. states whi ...
16-4-2020 at 06:28
by: andy1988
DIY C-virus masks. No politics, science only so we don't lose the thread again
[rquote=633753&tid=155059&author=zed] ...
8-4-2020 at 00:30
by: andy1988
vacuum to compressor
[rquote=633466&tid=155116&author=kencbk]what mods should i do to make the vacuum pump to com ...
2-4-2020 at 19:08
by: andy1988
Changing the platters in a HD
On the HDDOracle forum thread I linked to I thought this was interesting "What happens next [in PSU ...
25-3-2020 at 00:44
by: andy1988
Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment
[url=]ACE in ...
24-3-2020 at 22:43
by: andy1988
Changing the platters in a HD
Don't power it on again (detach power cable), might make things worse if it's a PCB issue. Inspect t ...
22-3-2020 at 18:49
by: andy1988
Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment
Some links/papers I have to share:
[url= ...
21-3-2020 at 16:02
by: andy1988
Rosco Bodine has been banned
I sympathize with him for speaking out for what he believed was propaganda. However the 'personal at ...
6-3-2020 at 12:48
by: andy1988
My daughter is breeding flies - and the smell is awful! Help!
Black soldier flies are nice, I tried them but chickens broke the netting to get the flies and I los ...
1-3-2020 at 01:27
by: andy1988
I'm scared
Unlikely any lead residue remained on your axe.

Sounds like you already saw a doctor given you to ...
29-2-2020 at 15:21
by: andy1988
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