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An interesting way to find H2S04 strength
This method is used industrially in continuous acid "make down" acid dilution systems. Temperature ...
20-9-2010 at 15:31
by: blazter
FTP Maintenance
Depending on the stats of the older computer, you may be able to put a newer linux distro on it that ...
8-2-2010 at 15:42
by: blazter
A hint for those looking for dimethylanaline, look into polyester resin curing agents as used in mar ...
4-2-2010 at 16:41
by: blazter
Ethanol from Newspaper
Get a tour of a paper mill, preferably one with a pulp mill. There have been over a hundred years o ...
3-2-2010 at 15:00
by: blazter
Homebuilt recirculating evaporative cooler
The theoretical lowest temperature that an evaporative cooling device can reach is the dewpoint of t ...
22-11-2009 at 14:40
by: blazter
Careers in chemistry
Listen to JohnWW on this one. A bachelor's in chemistry qualifies you to be a bottle washer, a PhD ...
27-7-2009 at 16:08
by: blazter
H2S intoxication
I work in an industrial setting where H2S is generated often. Even with all the safeguards like wal ...
14-5-2008 at 18:20
by: blazter
Which college to attend?
UB alumni here, it was a decent school for engineering. I knew a few people in the pharmacy program ...
31-7-2007 at 19:30
by: blazter
I'm bout ready to hang it up on glassware sellers on Ebay..
I've been unlucky enough to have lost a 1000ml pressure equalized addition funnel from an ebay selle ...
19-7-2007 at 15:43
by: blazter
Domestic water softeners
I could be wrong, but it appears that the industrial device/resin is very similar to a domestic wate ...
16-10-2006 at 06:23
by: blazter
Benzene reagents
In order to chlorinate benzene, you would need both Cl2 and FeCl3. Just as with a bromination, the ...
5-4-2006 at 04:49
by: blazter
Too bad the hive still is down
Back when the Hive was in operation, apparently someone named Halfapint was trying to come up with a ...
20-6-2005 at 18:01
by: blazter
ketene lamp
I still don't understand why the ketene lamp method is so unpopular. Vogel has a rather descri ...
4-6-2005 at 09:06
by: blazter
The future, and oil
Low THC varieties of hemp do certainly exist, just as ulta high potency strains exist from selective ...
26-3-2005 at 11:16
by: blazter
Don't forget about coal
If the price of oil goes through the roof, I highly doubt it would be as bad as people are saying it ...
23-3-2005 at 15:15
by: blazter
Polymer Clay Curing (formerly 'Boyle's Law')
Well, I think I can attempt to answer a few of your questions should you decide to check this thread ...
18-3-2005 at 13:12
by: blazter
A minor correction
I couldn't help but notice a couple posts earlier THC being confused with being an alkaloid. T ...
16-3-2005 at 13:22
by: blazter
Remeber dosages
Looking from a potency standpoint, seemingly small yeilds of 500mg nicotine isn't really that b ...
12-3-2005 at 11:15
by: blazter
good luck.
Heh heh, seems like I recall reading in an aldrich catalog that they would only do business with est ...
11-1-2005 at 15:45
by: blazter
Sealing Gasgenerators
There is a plastic material that comes on a roll, and is similar in properties to silly putty, not t ...
21-8-2004 at 08:11
by: blazter
I have a friend who has a well that produces what they call "sulfur water". Based on the ...
21-8-2004 at 07:49
by: blazter
Jumbo Reflux Apparatus, homebuilt.
A large reflux extractor device like that would have many uses. It is very useful for the above pur ...
15-8-2004 at 19:37
by: blazter
fiberglass industry source
Don't know if it helps any but cumene hydroperoxide (CHP for short) 50% can be bought by the ga ...
18-7-2004 at 13:16
by: blazter
Nitrogen cylinder, welding experience required?
Don't know a whole lot about welding myself, but I do know that inert gasses are almost always ...
13-7-2004 at 16:38
by: blazter
Sourcing toluene
It took a while to find a hardware store in my locale that sold toluene, as none of the major chain ...
25-6-2004 at 21:01
by: blazter
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