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book about amateur rocketry
Probably Brinley's "Rocket Manual for Amateurs", which is available at C.J.'s link above.
5-12-2020 at 20:23
by: bobm4360
Anyone know what dyes can be used for anodizing or what they are made of?
Most of the DIY anodizers in the home machining/model engine building community use RIT.
27-10-2020 at 21:20
by: bobm4360
Smelly Argon Gas
With that effect on you, it's not inert. Take it back!
12-10-2020 at 19:50
by: bobm4360
I need a non or low compressible fluid, thicker than water, that isn't corrosive to brass
If it needs to be water soluble for cleaning, corn syrup might do it. At the pressures we can gener ...
27-4-2020 at 19:53
by: bobm4360
Constructing a Hershberg stirrer
23-10-2019 at 12:31
by: bobm4360
Suggested media to clean brass part (water soluble)
Try citric acid soak, 10g/100ml. With one piece, time until it looks good, then rinse with water. Dr ...
22-10-2019 at 20:35
by: bobm4360
Diacetone alcohol synthesis
Slightly different procedure, but much better notes and background:

[url= ...
30-6-2019 at 20:16
by: bobm4360
Measuring the pressure of an explosion
Solid motor and uncooled liquid motor pressures were often measured with strain gauges on the chambe ...
21-9-2018 at 21:41
by: bobm4360
Acetone Self-aldol Diacetone Alcohol
Discussion and references here:
15-8-2018 at 21:09
by: bobm4360
Making Pinchbeck Brass
As to borax, the OTC "20 Mule Team" works fine. It's a good flux for most Cu-based alloys, just ski ...
9-4-2018 at 19:52
by: bobm4360
Making Pinchbeck Brass
Use borax as a flux. It concentrates the oxides into dross floating on the melt, and protects the m ...
9-4-2018 at 12:32
by: bobm4360
Making iron filings in pound + quantites easily w/ no contamination
Go to your local brake shop and ask them if they will clean out their brake lathe for you. Usually ...
6-2-2018 at 08:33
by: bobm4360
Need help with Urea-formaldehyde resins
Furfural-urea resins have been made and used. Google has lots.
8-1-2018 at 20:47
by: bobm4360
Any good (read cheap) sources of Tartaric Acid UK?
Don't know about U.K., but tartaric acid is sold here at brewer's/winemaker's supply houses.
9-12-2017 at 01:32
by: bobm4360
Non-oxidizing or corrosive lubricant for aluminum drilling
"A-9" from an industrial supply works with both Al and Mg, and cleans easily with methyl ethyl keton ...
25-10-2017 at 01:31
by: bobm4360
Best solvent to disolve Beeswax?
Turpentine is a solvent for beeswax, especially when warm. 50/50 beeswax and caranuba wax dissolved ...
3-10-2017 at 19:25
by: bobm4360
Thorium metal in coherent form

Hardened and ground drill blanks aren't expensive, and available from most industrial suppliers. ...
28-7-2017 at 20:16
by: bobm4360
Composition of some tool steels
Most drill bits, even the cheap ones, are made from "high-speed" steel, usually W and Mo are the all ...
28-1-2017 at 22:28
by: bobm4360
Isolate acetylsalicylic acid from an aspirin tablet with isopropanol. Quick, easy, and cheap:cool:
17-1-2017 at 00:35
by: bobm4360
Home Made Analysis gear
Cason's"Laboratory Text in Organic Chemistry", 2nd edition; and Amateur Science column in "Scientifi ...
9-1-2017 at 11:44
by: bobm4360
Niacin from nicotine?
Here's a procedure form OrgSyn...
31-7-2016 at 22:08
by: bobm4360
Molten salt or acid baths for cleaning metals
They will all clean well with an aqueous solution of citric acid. No muss, no fuss, no burns! I've ...
16-4-2016 at 19:52
by: bobm4360
Aromatic nomenclature
He does confuse dynamite(glycerol trinitrate absorbed in a mixture of solids) with TNT:P
25-1-2016 at 22:20
by: bobm4360
Using a small deep fryer as an oil bath
As most fry cookers are regulated for cooking french fries and the like, an appropriately rated Vari ...
11-1-2016 at 22:43
by: bobm4360
Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas all!
24-12-2015 at 22:13
by: bobm4360
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