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Handbook of Viscosity
Thank you, I will try that. I don't really want to have to buy the book at the moment, I just need a ...
4-5-2015 at 13:13
by: crystal
Handbook of Viscosity
I had already tried, with no success. :(
2-5-2015 at 15:13
by: crystal
Handbook of Viscosity
Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone here has a copy of the Handbook of Viscosity by Carl Yaws. ...
2-5-2015 at 12:02
by: crystal
I have an idea for a masturbation testosterone study/experiment
Years ago when I was a little paranoid over bodybuilding, I searched for more information on this su ...
26-8-2014 at 18:17
by: crystal
Experimental: Alternative to Al/Hg - the Al/Cu
TheCopperMan, any attempts with gallium salts already? Gallium metal has been used before, and defin ...
12-8-2014 at 13:09
by: crystal
Fix or toss
Looking at the bubble wrap I have to ask, you have just bought it and it arrived broken? If yes, you ...
24-6-2014 at 12:46
by: crystal
self-made high-vacuum diffusion pump
Why not just buy vacuum pump oil? They're not expensive and easy to find. Just look for one which me ...
24-6-2014 at 12:27
by: crystal
Can be paraformaldehyde crystal out from
formaldehyde solution when evaporated
for 5 days ?
4-10-2002 at 20:41
by: crystal

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