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Should There Be Legal Controls on Chemicals & Glassware?
[quote][i]Originally posted by vulture[/i]
Furthermore, except from the 1993 WTC bombing, which fai ...
9-12-2005 at 16:12
by: epck
Question on making CH3NO2?
I've heard this can be done to produce nitroethane, the following is from the rhodium nitorethane FA ...
6-12-2005 at 15:02
by: epck
Fractionating colums and application...
Being a student and desperately poor I am currently unable to shell out the cash for the whole fract ...
1-12-2005 at 13:39
by: epck
Piperine-Mediated Bioavailability
Non-anhydrous IPA may be the difference. I was using anhydrous IPA for the rextalization. Looks li ...
21-11-2005 at 15:13
by: epck
Piperine-Mediated Bioavailability
Hmm...I actually found acetone to be better for recrystalization. It took several days in the freez ...
21-11-2005 at 13:24
by: epck
Sodium Borohydride
They still carry [url= ...
26-10-2005 at 11:46
by: epck
Found.. White P
With the way homeopathy works I doubt there is single atom of phosphorus in any of those things. Re ...
19-10-2005 at 10:58
by: epck
Varying concentration of solution of salt without wasting said salt
Have you thought about reverse osmosis? You'd need a pump and a good membrane but that might b ...
17-10-2005 at 18:36
by: epck
how does this work
I believe the cold cathode lightbulb and the cold cathode fluorescent [url=http://laptops.home.att.n ...
13-10-2005 at 13:25
by: epck
Help with PChem homework plz!
Here we go,

Use commutator properties to simplify first problem:

[d/dx-x,d/dx+x]=[d/dx,d/dx+x] ...
11-10-2005 at 11:24
by: epck
U.S. Department of Justice has a new batch of records.
While I myself have yet to fall victim to this type of discrimination things have changed over the y ...
10-10-2005 at 14:21
by: epck
Scrapheap Challenge (industrial scavenging)
I just picked up a vacuum pump from my local university scrapheap as well. There was a sticker on i ...
4-10-2005 at 10:54
by: epck
LaTeX wizards: help me with labels on sums
Simple enough, the following should give the right form,

\end{equ ...
3-10-2005 at 12:13
by: epck
Mushrooms chemicals extraction...
The main alkaloids in the Amanita muscaria mushroom such as muscimol and ibotenic acid are water sol ...
23-9-2005 at 13:28
by: epck
Claviceps Paspali Fermentation Experiments
Here's another one from the Erowid Rhodium [url= ...
1-9-2005 at 16:36
by: epck
HOme genetic manipulation and eugenics (NOT ON PEPLE!)
There is also a lot of work being done on using bacteria to decompose PCBs. They work in the lab bu ...
30-8-2005 at 15:59
by: epck
Propiophenone rearrangement
Here's that []Oppenauer[/url] paper request by Sand ...
8-8-2005 at 15:46
by: epck
Aromatic bromination with NBS
That part of the mechanism was understood. Sorry I wasn't clearer on my question. The unclear ...
5-8-2005 at 13:51
by: epck
Aromatic bromination with NBS
As per normal I am slightly confused by the mechanism by which the reaction is proceding. Accordin ...
5-8-2005 at 11:52
by: epck
possibility for THC extraction
Hmmm...I know they add methyl mercaptan to propane and natural gas to make leaks easily detectable b ...
4-8-2005 at 11:21
by: epck
How get a cyclic ketone ?
Hmmm...I would be happy to post up the article if someone would be so kind to enlighten me an the co ...
4-8-2005 at 09:58
by: epck
fermentation question
I think a bacteria is responsible for turning ethanol into acetic acid, the Acetobacter Bacteria in ...
3-8-2005 at 18:12
by: epck
question about ethanol synthesis
Slightly off-topic but...

Has anyone tried obtaining methanol from wood? It is one of the by pro ...
2-8-2005 at 14:57
by: epck
Atropine as well. (Edit:atropine is dl-hyoscyamine, oops)

The tropane plants (Datura, Belladonna, ...
29-7-2005 at 15:35
by: epck
physical chemistry questions!!!!
The kinetic theory of gases will give rise to the ideal gas law in the diffuse limit. In other word ...
29-7-2005 at 13:43
by: epck

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