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more gold refining questions
Cyanide process is more easy to spoil. It takes more time, require proper pH control, proper air pum ...
12-1-2016 at 06:56
by: etoxiran
more gold refining questions
I give you more hints.

1. If you drop out (reduce Au3+ to metal) gold, you will have metal with p ...
8-1-2016 at 07:18
by: etoxiran
power supply for silver electrolysis refining
Why not use of automotive class Pb acid battery? Safe to operate, and provide up to hundred of amps. ...
7-12-2015 at 09:54
by: etoxiran
more gold refining questions
I read your post, but can't see any reductor (precipatant) you use for drop gold from solution. Urea ...
7-12-2015 at 08:43
by: etoxiran
Best Acid that will get rid of rust quickest without harming iron?
I suggest use of citric acid with some non-ionic / anionic surfactant (even washing-up liquid will w ...
14-6-2015 at 02:51
by: etoxiran
Druken Aga Challenge (DAC) #3 - Closed (but open to discussion)
Hmmm, you said no Pt allowed. But remember that almost every car in EU/USA/Australia produced after ...
12-6-2015 at 22:36
by: etoxiran
Palladium reduction
Hi everyone, I have a lot of problems with PdH(dmg) - palladium dimetylglyoxime salt reduction back ...
12-6-2015 at 14:03
by: etoxiran
Is this SiC or Si metal ?
Here is a little hint.

I ...
12-6-2015 at 13:50
by: etoxiran
UK Chemical Regulations
I live in PL, it's interesting country. Getting chemicals is rather easy if you now how to do this. ...
3-10-2010 at 15:02
by: etoxiran

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