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Chemistry equipment
Wanted to say thanks for posting agile-fx, I live in Houston when not at college and even though the ...
30-9-2007 at 16:23
by: hdcwr0x2
Garage Experiments With Trichloromethane.
I don't mean to derail the thread, but I've got a couple of questions. I've made a sm ...
10-10-2005 at 14:46
by: hdcwr0x2
Making Liquid Nitrogen
I've done quite a bit of research into this path myself. I was in the process of building a pha ...
9-10-2005 at 20:40
by: hdcwr0x2
Calculation of molarity based on percentage?
Thanks, I was thinking something like that but I wasn't sure.
25-5-2005 at 17:57
by: hdcwr0x2
Calculation of molarity based on percentage?
Ok, so at the hardware store here they sell ~32% HCL in gallon jugs. How would I calculate molarity ...
25-5-2005 at 15:56
by: hdcwr0x2
What happened to rhodium and Hive

Erowid maintains a nice Rhodium mirror ...
24-5-2005 at 19:14
by: hdcwr0x2
Wire cloth mesh
What are you using for a heat source? You'll need something pretty hot to keep the NaCl + CaCl2 ...
19-5-2005 at 17:04
by: hdcwr0x2
Synthesis of fe2o3 by means other than electrolysis?
As title states. Anyone know of a good method for producing small quantites? I'm hoping to expe ...
14-5-2005 at 15:48
by: hdcwr0x2

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