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Chemical Availability Changes from 15 years ago (US)
I was active in amateur chemistry about 15 years ago. I remember the difficulty in buying certain c ...
23-8-2019 at 15:36
by: hodges
Moving - Chemicals For Sale
I have sold the chemicals.

15-5-2015 at 14:47
by: hodges
Moving - Chemicals For Sale
I will likely be moving to another state this summer. It has been over 5 years since I've been acti ...
10-5-2015 at 08:18
by: hodges
Strange and dangerous reaction
i removed most of the chlorine by blowing strong ...
17-3-2013 at 17:57
by: hodges
Nitrogen Triiodide
I remember some years back doing a test making nitrogen tri-iodide using both concentrated and house ...
15-6-2012 at 18:24
by: hodges
AgNO3 stains on countertop
I've been able to remove silver stains from my countertop with dilute HNO3. However, unfortunately ...
9-3-2011 at 17:26
by: hodges
Periodic element song
In the early 1980's, in my freshman college chemistry lecture class, the professor brought someone ( ...
7-11-2009 at 14:02
by: hodges
Smoke blowing in the wind
Yes a bit off topic, but related to smoke. Here is an interesting story about how someone's smoking ...
22-10-2009 at 15:28
by: hodges
Si + NaOH
I tried this reaction. I used 0.6g of powdered Si, 2.0g of NaOH (used excess since it it likely not ...
13-10-2009 at 16:03
by: hodges
Greek fire
Water on an oil fire will definitely cause it to spread. It is because oil boils at a higher temper ...
13-10-2009 at 15:57
by: hodges
Si + NaOH
Pretty energetic reaction:

I'm certainly not agreei ...
12-10-2009 at 14:20
by: hodges
Flash Powder
My question is: Why so long? When I put glycerine ...
3-10-2009 at 18:41
by: hodges
Maker Shed Science Room Grand Opening Sale
For anyone who might be a subscriber to O'Reilly online book safari (mostly IT people I guess), Thom ...
3-10-2009 at 18:31
by: hodges
Do-It-Yourself DNA
A couple of years ago I wanted to do a PCR reaction at home. I found companies very reluctant to se ...
3-10-2009 at 07:14
by: hodges
Is Splenda (sucralose) a dioxin?
I don't understand why substituting 3 OH groups with Cl would make it have zero calories. Is it bec ...
3-10-2009 at 06:59
by: hodges
Acetaldahyde and Fruit flies.
Wasp venom contains a chemical "alarm pheromone," r ...
29-9-2009 at 14:32
by: hodges
Poll: Is there too much illegal drug discussion?
I think the current policy is good.

I would like this to be a board that I can be proud to post ...
24-9-2009 at 16:14
by: hodges
You could try tyvek (such as used for some envelopes available at the post office). Or you could tr ...
24-9-2009 at 15:34
by: hodges
testing for organic peroxides
[rquote=162950&tid=12852&author=panziandi]I had never heard of explosions resulting from per ...
24-9-2009 at 15:25
by: hodges
testing for organic peroxides

By the way, my isopropanol is MUCH more positi ...
23-9-2009 at 13:38
by: hodges
Seperation of Lithium from ground salts
[rquote=162869&tid=12851&author=JohnWW]Lithium salts, including the chloride and carbonate w ...
22-9-2009 at 17:01
by: hodges
Had an acciedent.......
[rquote=161571&tid=1031&author=PHILOU Zrealone]by stability, I meant sensitivity (-> to s ...
6-9-2009 at 15:57
by: hodges
Diving Into the World of Fulminates
[rquote=161552&tid=11105&author=Rosco Bodine]Here's another old reference circa 1870 which l ...
6-9-2009 at 15:46
by: hodges
Site Backup
Not sure if this is still needed, but I have a Ubuntu Linux image for VMWare with MySQL and PHP5 ins ...
6-9-2009 at 15:22
by: hodges
Preventing Mold Growth in Organic Solutions
Here is how my ammonium picrate crystals turned out.

[img] ...
6-9-2009 at 15:07
by: hodges
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