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sorry, here's the link
9-9-2003 at 07:36
by: jruppert
chemical allusion in crop circle
This crop circle symbol may relate to diesel fuel purification and thus to environmental protection. ...
9-9-2003 at 07:34
by: jruppert
impossible (?) compound in crop circle
[quote][i]Originally posted by vulture[/i]
The first picture seems like N(NH2-N-NH2)3

Although I ...
7-9-2003 at 19:23
by: jruppert
one more question re: the crop circle symbol
Does anyone here know what might be the uses of "substituted phenalenes"?
7-9-2003 at 18:07
by: jruppert
mystery chemical in crop circleHee's
Here is another response given by a professor of chemistry, through a friend:

"Chandra, the ...
7-9-2003 at 18:05
by: jruppert
the crop circle with the possible chemical sign
Thanks to those of you who replied. What follows is from another source:

"The crop formatio ...
7-9-2003 at 18:02
by: jruppert
mystery chemical sign
OK, I'll try to find a box in which to post the url.
5-9-2003 at 17:16
by: jruppert

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