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Purify Silver with Acid drain cleaner Lyr
22-2-2020 at 03:20
by: kadriver
Platinum Refining Complete Process - VIDEO
Here is a new video that I created that demonstrates the steps involved to refine pure platinum meta ...
9-4-2019 at 09:05
by: kadriver
Red solution from gold processing, WTF is it ?
[rquote=523476&tid=84508&author=Sulaiman]I dissolved gold jewelry and e-scrap in aqua regia, ...
3-9-2018 at 13:49
by: kadriver
Extraction of PM's from Catalytic converters & "jewelers dirt"
Hello, I have some experience recovering and refining the platinum group metals from automotive cats ...
3-9-2018 at 12:53
by: kadriver
Dissolving Platinum Group Metals with HCl and H2O2 - VIDEO
In this video:

I use HCl and 12% H2O2 to dissolve mixed black powder PGMs

I precipitate the pl ...
24-5-2018 at 14:55
by: kadriver
Platinum Recovery Automotive Catalytic Converters - VIDEO
Here is my video on how to extract the platinum group metals from automotive catalytic converters us ...
13-5-2018 at 16:50
by: kadriver
Recovering Palladium From Silver Cell Anode Slimes - VIDEO
Here is a video that shows how I extract and separate the precious metals from my electrolytic silve ...
3-2-2018 at 13:31
by: kadriver
Gold Recovery ten Pentium Pro with Sodium Chlorate - VIDEO
Here is a video that I produced showing how to recover gold from 10 Pentium Pro CPUs using sodium ch ...
24-1-2018 at 19:03
by: kadriver
How to refine scrap gold jewelry - VIDEO
Here is my latest video where I demonstrate all the techniques that I've learned on how to get high ...
21-1-2018 at 02:13
by: kadriver
New chemicals for sale !
Hello, I'm getting set up to do an experiment to purify platinum with a bromate hydrolysis. The proc ...
21-1-2018 at 02:07
by: kadriver
Silver Recovery From Used X-Ray Films - VIDEO
Here is a video that I created of an experiment that I did to recover silver from X-ray films:

ht ...
4-1-2018 at 15:20
by: kadriver
Buy PdCl2 from Alibaba; Recover Pd; Profit?
Palladium is the easiest of the six sister metals in the platinum group to refine. Partly because it ...
4-1-2018 at 15:17
by: kadriver
Buy PdCl2 from Alibaba; Recover Pd; Profit?
Elemetal Direct will buy your palladium. They pay 80% of spot based on purity of your metal. So if y ...
4-1-2018 at 15:13
by: kadriver
Platinum Refining Practice with a Pure Pt Coin Pt2 - VIDEO
Here is the second half of the Pt refining video

15-11-2017 at 12:21
by: kadriver
Platinum Refining Practice with a Pure Pt Coin - VIDEO
Here is my attempt at refining a pure platinum coin for practice.

I need to get familiar with thi ...
12-11-2017 at 22:00
by: kadriver
Alaska Placer Gold Dissolved With Sodium Chlorate - VIDEO
Here's a video that I produced showing how to dissolve gold with sodium chlorate and HCl. Not one dr ...
7-11-2017 at 20:43
by: kadriver
Air compressor powered vacuum pump
You can get an HVAC vacuum pump at Harbor Freight for about $100 USD. I've been using one for the la ...
7-11-2017 at 20:36
by: kadriver
How To Build a Vacuum Filtration System - VIDEO
Here is a short video that I produced showing how I built my vacuum filtration system:

https://yo ...
3-11-2017 at 23:06
by: kadriver
Precipitating Pure Gold with PLANT FOOD - VIDEO
Hello, here is a new video I created that shows how I dissolve gold with hydrochloric acid and bleac ...
20-12-2016 at 05:13
by: kadriver
Electrolytic Silver Cell Pure Silver Crystal Harvest - VIDEO
Features a ten-day progressive silver crystal growth segment.

Then a demo on how I harvest 1.5 ki ...
20-3-2016 at 21:13
by: kadriver
Gold Recovery Electronic Scrap Gold Plated Pins - VIDEO
This was my very first attempt at processing these pins

It took much longer than I expected

he ...
29-2-2016 at 23:36
by: kadriver
Refining Gold With Silver - VIDEO
In this video I use silver, alloyed with karat gold, to purify gold.

I lower the karat down to 6k ...
27-2-2016 at 13:15
by: kadriver
Recovering Gold From Cell Phone SIM Cards - VIDEO
He is my first ever attemp at trying to recover gold from cell phone SIM cards. The process was grue ...
25-2-2016 at 20:43
by: kadriver
Recovering Gold From Used Filter Papers - VIDEO
My title says platinum, but there was so little of it that I just added it to my stock pot.

Also, ...
23-2-2016 at 09:48
by: kadriver
Stock Pot Recovering Traces of Gold - VIDEO
Here is a new video that shows the inside of my stock pot. It uses the reactivity series of metals f ...
20-2-2016 at 16:26
by: kadriver
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