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Has anyone dissolved Titanium Dioxide?
HCl and digestion using microwave.
At least that is what I remember a company used for analysis of ...
12-5-2024 at 12:39
by: maldi-tof
Dissolving Manganese Dioxide in Sulfuric Acid?
Add the oxide to some water, slowly add sulphuric acid and hydrogen peroxide until you obtain a pink ...
12-5-2024 at 12:26
by: maldi-tof
Synthesis of cerium (IV) salts
The easier one is the cerium (iv) and ammonium sulphate 2-hydrate.
It cristalyzes quite easily.
Th ...
12-5-2024 at 12:20
by: maldi-tof
Metallic citrates
I tried ferric citrate, but cero success on it.
If someone has some experience on that, i will try ...
23-6-2023 at 02:12
by: maldi-tof
Synthesis of Nickel Sulfate
I would try to make smaller pieces from the coins (if possible).
I used nickel powder + sulfuric a ...
23-6-2023 at 02:09
by: maldi-tof
First nickel nitrate synthesis... did I do it right?
I obtained recently nickel (ii) nitrate hexahydrate crystals more or less like you did, but I starte ...
24-5-2023 at 21:42
by: maldi-tof
Glassware, rotovaps, analytical instrument supplier
If only you were in Europe... I saw also the other thread about the rotovaps, and oh my godness, i w ...
11-2-2023 at 10:28
by: maldi-tof
PbO2 purification
I also struggle with PbO2... what i did add the PbO2 in hot water with nitric acid, and do washings. ...
11-2-2023 at 10:12
by: maldi-tof
Looking for an online resource that contains large amounts of solubility data

There is also one chapter in the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics where solubilities/den ...
11-2-2023 at 00:42
by: maldi-tof
Identifying your calcium ammonium nitrate
[rquote=681158&tid=159262&author=KoiosPhoebus][rquote=681089&tid=159262&author=Chemg ...
11-2-2023 at 00:34
by: maldi-tof
Basic Copper Carbonate - a Copper Series
Hi all,

My experience says that what you need to control in order to get azurite or malachite is ...
11-2-2023 at 00:21
by: maldi-tof
Determine H2O2 % by density
Or you just can titrate with some KMnO4 to get the exact concentration and see how accurate the valu ...
29-3-2022 at 07:06
by: maldi-tof
Somewhat Unusual Properties of Ammonium Benzoate
I noticed that when I was doing the development of this product for my company.
What was incredible ...
29-3-2022 at 07:01
by: maldi-tof
Report on making chromium chloride CrCl3.6H2O
If you add H2O2 to your CrO3 and HCl, you will get CrCl3. The key point here is the concentration/cr ...
15-9-2021 at 22:04
by: maldi-tof
Chemical purity grade food
It has to do not only with the "purity" (assay), but for the possible impurities.
For example, many ...
16-8-2021 at 22:47
by: maldi-tof
Technical sodium molybdate
One source that we have for sodium molybdate 2-hydrate has 0.01% of arsenic (100 ppm).
If it is a " ...
16-8-2021 at 03:26
by: maldi-tof
Frustration with trying to make ammonium formate
I made some mixing formic acid with anydrous NH3.
If you want to crystallize, you only need to conc ...
16-8-2021 at 01:34
by: maldi-tof
Technical sodium molybdate
Typical impurities for sodium molybdate are arsenic and potassium.
You can "check" at least if it i ...
16-8-2021 at 01:21
by: maldi-tof
antimony trioxide
[rquote=662435&tid=157668&author=Texium]You can make potassium antimony tartrate, an interes ...
4-7-2021 at 14:32
by: maldi-tof
Making sodium citrate
Which citrate were you trying to synthesize? tri-sodium citrate, di-sodium hydrogencitrate or sodium ...
14-6-2021 at 12:04
by: maldi-tof
Potentiometric titrations issues
For example, assay of sodium fluoride and sodium citrates are tested against HClO4.

I can't reme ...
9-6-2021 at 03:54
by: maldi-tof
TLC results interpretation
About benzyl alcohol, as it has been told here, benzaldehyde is the main impurity.
However, benzald ...
8-6-2021 at 11:35
by: maldi-tof
How to dry recrystallized KNO3?
The information I know about KNO3 is that it is not hygroscopic, but it will cake badly.

I have d ...
8-6-2021 at 11:24
by: maldi-tof
How do I recrystallize ferric chloride?
I have obtained many times FeCl3 6-hydrate using a rotary evaporator.
The synthesis is quite easy, ...
8-6-2021 at 11:20
by: maldi-tof
Potentiometric titrations issues
Try to add some acetic anhydride. It will "capture" some water to form more acetic acid, and maybe y ...
8-6-2021 at 11:15
by: maldi-tof
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