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Wild Bacteria
well i don;t see an edit button anywhere; but i found that thread i was thinking about...
https://w ...
10-5-2021 at 19:07
by: manomanom
Luminous Glowing Bacteria - Homemade!!
*carolina also sells cheap vibrio culture.

QUOTE pumukli:"Not only fish but chicken also can work ...
9-5-2021 at 12:54
by: manomanom
Wild Bacteria

i could have sworn this website had a community proj ...
9-5-2021 at 12:37
by: manomanom
A slightly dangerous but surprisingly effective way to make HCl
very nice work! i hope you dont mind me posting this here...
it reminds me of experiment i tried;(a ...
9-5-2021 at 11:59
by: manomanom
Powdered Alcohol
Seems like it would lead to more chance of a hangover, not only from all that sugar, but cyclodextri ...
19-9-2014 at 14:59
by: manomanom
Limonene extraction
I believe that orange oil is (at least 99%) limonene.... though i have been wrong before.
Who has l ...
17-11-2013 at 15:09
by: manomanom
techniques of neural interfacing?
[url=]Wiki biofeedback [/url] lists some of the different ty ...
17-11-2013 at 14:50
by: manomanom

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