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Barium Sulfate to Barium Chloride
Yes, You should use an excess of Na2CO3. For the temperature, I don't know, but it' ...
1-6-2005 at 10:58
by: notagod
Barium Sulfate to Barium Chloride
I read this in a book and supposedly the high sodium carbonate concentration makes it work. Don' ...
31-5-2005 at 09:05
by: notagod
Barium Sulfate to Barium Chloride
Take a look at my post in this thread:
30-5-2005 at 07:57
by: notagod
If you want the carbonate, search for a post I made in the calcium sulphide post.
1-4-2005 at 05:34
by: notagod
Electrical purification of clays
Hm. It would be great if one could get the gallium out of the clay instead. Perhaps it is concentrat ...
13-6-2004 at 03:33
by: notagod
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
I read that 4-chlorophenylisocyanide should have one of the worst smells there are. All isonitriles ...
21-3-2004 at 15:31
by: notagod
NEED DESPERATELY: Maple 9 (math software)
I uploaded Mathematica once to the forum FTP, maybe it's still there. It should provide the sam ...
8-3-2004 at 09:07
by: notagod
gas cell - platinum dangerously for human organism?
It is all ready used as a cancerdrug. Look up cis-platin on google. Very interesting, how it was dis ...
14-2-2004 at 09:04
by: notagod
Cyanate to cyanide - fresh thread
Hi again!
No, there isn't much snow here now (only in the northern parts of country) and I lik ...
10-2-2004 at 12:41
by: notagod
Cyanate to cyanide - fresh thread
Hi Friedrich Wöhler!

In Sweden you can get it easily in paintstores, but also in supermarkets th ...
9-2-2004 at 05:12
by: notagod
axehandle! Where did you get the NaHSO4 from. (which company, city). You can PM me if you don't ...
29-1-2004 at 05:20
by: notagod
Homemade Ph Indicator from purple cabbage
Yes. That is what would like to know also. Therefore my suggestion that someone with a Ph-meter coul ...
17-1-2004 at 07:43
by: notagod
Homemade Ph Indicator from purple cabbage
I once tested blue Morning Glory flowers as a Ph test and they showed a relly big difference in colo ...
17-1-2004 at 06:57
by: notagod
It's not dangerous if you don't use concentrated acid. Dilute it first and drop the etanol ...
11-1-2004 at 04:43
by: notagod
Diatomaceous earth
I think it's the same as "kiselgur" , if i'm not totally wrong.
It comes from t ...
8-1-2004 at 10:45
by: notagod
Calcium Sulphide
chemoleo: To get soluble Ba2+ from BaSO4, you just have to boil it with concentrated sodiumcarbonate ...
19-12-2003 at 15:55
by: notagod
Sodium Nitrite
I've heard that too, but when I read about it in Kirk-Otmeyer Encylopedia, it said that the nit ...
18-2-2003 at 08:39
by: notagod
It is called nascent hydrogen
18-2-2003 at 08:33
by: notagod
PET plastic, at least the one found in bottles here in Sweden, are in fact very resistant to acids a ...
8-12-2002 at 05:30
by: notagod
Benzene synthesis
If I remeber right, it does'nt have to be benzoic acid, the sodium salt will do. Mix it with waterfr ...
29-11-2002 at 08:27
by: notagod
Preparation of cyanides
I think I read somewhere that the discoverer of HCN, Scheele, later used ammonium chloride when prep ...
29-10-2002 at 14:25
by: notagod

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