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Easy Fe2O3
Does it matter to you which type of Fe2O3 that is produced? Because iirc, there are quite a few diff ...
20-7-2006 at 22:59
by: praseodym
Lead Tin Bismuth Alloys
But i guess we do have quite a few people here who can read german. Perhaps you can just post the or ...
20-7-2006 at 22:15
by: praseodym
If ophorite is magnesium powder + potassium chlorate, shouldnt we be happy that the experiment done ...
11-7-2006 at 20:46
by: praseodym
why gold is yellow?
something like this?

11-7-2006 at 20:38
by: praseodym
Iridium (IV) chloride
if coloured compounds are what you are looking for, there is a whole lot of elements which you can c ...
11-7-2006 at 20:29
by: praseodym
benzyl alcohol oxidation
How about using H2O2 for the partial oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde?

Benzyl alcohol, ...
23-5-2006 at 01:15
by: praseodym
Thermite "Experiments"
Well, [url=]here[/url] is another vi ...
28-4-2006 at 02:32
by: praseodym
Thermite "Experiments"
wow, nice scenes, would be excellent if we know the composition of the substance. Anyway, yup, i thi ...
27-4-2006 at 01:58
by: praseodym
Teratogens: book needed
Well, think you may be able to find it in the libraries...

Teratogens : chemicals which cause bir ...
27-4-2006 at 01:37
by: praseodym
TCCA, Na-DCCA and cyanuric acid
TCCA releases hypochlorous acid on contact with water. TCCA froms an explosive product with cyanuric ...
24-4-2006 at 20:37
by: praseodym
The Smell of Iron, Copper
Hmm, sulphate esters?
24-4-2006 at 20:17
by: praseodym
Unusual Chemicals, what to do with them ...?
[quote][i]Originally posted by rogue chemist[/i]
No ideas whatsoever for the neodymium, but the ant ...
14-4-2006 at 21:17
by: praseodym
good place to find spectroscopies?
Unable to provide sites for you to refer to but i think what you need can be found in this book "Ion ...
14-4-2006 at 21:10
by: praseodym
filter paper
How about using glass wool or shredded asbestos? Wouldn't they be more effective?
13-4-2006 at 04:45
by: praseodym
Nitromethane extraction
Shouldn't be a problem since CaCl2 is suitable for drying alkyl and aryl halides, most esters, satur ...
13-4-2006 at 04:31
by: praseodym
AC and DC Electrolysis
Ya, i know, but that is only if AgCl is consumed, which should not happen unless it is a hungry chem ...
13-4-2006 at 04:21
by: praseodym
AC and DC Electrolysis
Ya, whats so dangerous about AgCl? AgCl is only harmful if someone is silly enough to swallow it (ma ...
11-4-2006 at 01:13
by: praseodym
Friedel-Crafts Acylation Of Bromobenzene
I think this may be able to help you:

[img][/img] ...
9-4-2006 at 21:10
by: praseodym
Polybutylene terephthalate/PBT/Celanex
Heat of fusion and specific volume of PETP and PBTP:

For PETP, a linear relation is obtained: H* ...
9-4-2006 at 20:48
by: praseodym
New chemistry forum for Hive Bees
Aber du bist ein Deutsche :P

[Edited on 9-4-2006 by praseodym]
8-4-2006 at 18:49
by: praseodym
Snail Bait
Well, i think it all boils down to how you wanna kill them. Whether you want it to be a long, tortur ...
8-4-2006 at 18:44
by: praseodym
phenylalanine and carboxylic acid reduction
[quote][i]Originally posted by Nicodem[/i]
Do you mind providing us the reference for such a reduct ...
7-4-2006 at 23:46
by: praseodym
Possibility of Ether?
I have a vague impression that this was already discussed in 2 previous threads, namely 'sodium ethy ...
6-4-2006 at 19:32
by: praseodym
old nitromethane
I believe it is due to the reactivity of nitromethane but not so sure about the actual mechanisms be ...
6-4-2006 at 19:09
by: praseodym
Purifying old TNT
TNT can be purified by recrystallizing it from ethyl alcohol, (by dissolving the crystals in 60 °C ...
6-4-2006 at 18:30
by: praseodym
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