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How to Know What's Legal?
Australia and many other countries have some form of analogs law/amendment disagree. Funnily, the U ...
2-9-2016 at 12:59
by: semesa
Drinking water - filtration methods & re-introducing "minerals" for taste
[rquote=454954&tid=67084&author=macckone] Surprisingly lead has a positive taste.[/rquote]
1-8-2016 at 14:30
by: semesa
modifying a microwave for extractions
be sure to note if the articles you are looking at specify single-mode microwave ovens or multi-mode ...
23-7-2016 at 00:24
by: semesa
Design of experiments
depends on the experiment. i.e. for analytical work you only weigh once("approximately accurately") ...
22-7-2016 at 18:38
by: semesa
ChemPlayer the story and the end for now
I'm posting to echo the general sentiment of those replying. You did great work and your efforts re ...
24-6-2016 at 15:01
by: semesa
New York City communal lab space?
The DIYBio communities have set up many "semi-public" labs in the last few years in a few countries. ...
24-6-2016 at 14:15
by: semesa
Research to find an alternative to pseudoephedrine, and totally ban sudafed
[rquote=444697&tid=65866&author=macckone]I will quote a dea agent "we go after local growers ...
7-4-2016 at 22:26
by: semesa
Drying Acetic Acid?
It doesn't form an azeotrope but separation by fractional distillation is very impractical(impossibl ...
2-4-2016 at 07:55
by: semesa
A/B extraction Raising pH question
Why not get a smaller sample of the extract, 20 ml or so, and add a decent amount of concentrated aq ...
17-2-2016 at 10:28
by: semesa
A/B extraction Raising pH question
Extractions on biological matter has to deal with a high buffer capacity from all the miscellaneous ...
17-2-2016 at 09:07
by: semesa
4-anilino-N-phenethylpiperidine 2-furanamide
You want to publish results based entirely from "methods I can't publish"?

Beyond the fields of P ...
3-2-2016 at 00:02
by: semesa
DIY overhead low-speed stirrer/mixer
A deskfan motor may suit the requirements without modification(variac/gearing.)

They are designed ...
2-2-2016 at 22:32
by: semesa
Sulfuric acid (Australians)
2.5L 98% sulfuric acid from Austalian Scientific in newcastle cost me $55.

I walked in the door ...
2-2-2016 at 22:20
by: semesa
Best Websites to buy Chemistry Glassware, Equipment and Apparatus in Australia
I can vouch for sciencesupply. I've made several orders from them and never been unhappy with the p ...
2-2-2016 at 21:53
by: semesa
Phalaris arundinaceae-source for active tryptamines
DMT-nexus has many posts on Phalaris spp. alkaloidal content/activity. The concentrations are gener ...
26-1-2016 at 18:48
by: semesa
Lithium hydride
[rquote=434660&tid=64720&author=JJay]You can generate alkali metal hydrides in the lab by di ...
9-1-2016 at 21:43
by: semesa
Accidental Ethyl Salicylate
If esterfications occured that easily there'd be no need to use catalysts.

Did it smell anything ...
9-1-2016 at 21:10
by: semesa
Benzaldehyde Assay Procedure
Isolate aldehydes/methyl ketones by their bisulfite adduct.

Take an Rf.

Compare against known ...
9-1-2016 at 21:03
by: semesa
"Forgot password" recovery email not being sent(gmail)
Hi, I've been having issues trying to recover the password to my forum account "Mesa."

I submit ...
13-10-2015 at 06:39
by: semesa

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