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Filling in hole in heat sink
ALuminum works great for heat sinks.
Thicker is better. The more massive, the better the
cooling. ...
28-5-2018 at 10:00
by: sodium_stearate
Filling in hole in heat sink
Why not just purchase some 1/8 inch thick aluminum
plate or bar of the proper size, and make your o ...
27-5-2018 at 10:07
by: sodium_stearate
A round of applause for ACE Hardware. Especially ones in small cities in semi-rural areas.
I too have always had good luck finding what I need
at Ace Hardware.

When I was a kid making hyd ...
23-5-2018 at 15:53
by: sodium_stearate
Lengthy, time-consuming overhaul of forum software
Kind of sounds to me like making more work
for one's self (and then later on, the users).

Sounds ...
17-5-2018 at 17:49
by: sodium_stearate
Lengthy, time-consuming overhaul of forum software
I honestly do not understand why anything needs to
be done to this place.

It seems to all work v ...
17-5-2018 at 06:29
by: sodium_stearate
The Effects of a Chemically Illiterate Population; I give you C60's Magical Healing Powers
Nothing has changed since the days of the "medicine
shows". Back then, in a typical small town, so ...
13-5-2018 at 10:03
by: sodium_stearate
List of explosives more powerful than HMX
And, what government agency is it that you are working for?
13-5-2018 at 09:54
by: sodium_stearate
Finding chemicals everywhere
Just do a little bit each day. Even if it's only just
one small thing. That way, at the end of th ...
11-5-2018 at 05:30
by: sodium_stearate
Learning Electronics?
The basic idea is to scrape off the oxidation layer
and get down to shiny copper. Solder will not
8-5-2018 at 17:57
by: sodium_stearate
lab set-up
I agree about getting any old chemistry textbooks
that you can find. They are very inexpensive suc ...
8-5-2018 at 17:41
by: sodium_stearate
Hot air balloons- What is % O2 inside the envelope?
Back in 1975, the rock group Pink Flloyd
was touring. This was during their "Pigs on the Wing" era ...
8-5-2018 at 17:24
by: sodium_stearate
How should I choose glass joint size?
I'd like to see some pictures of some of the repaired
glassware! That sounds very interesting abou ...
7-5-2018 at 04:49
by: sodium_stearate
Learning Electronics?
Another thing that is never taught in schools
is that regular "rosin core" solder does not have eno ...
7-5-2018 at 04:35
by: sodium_stearate
Do this kind of pumps exist?

We are all the same race, human. A ...
5-5-2018 at 08:24
by: sodium_stearate
Some advice on 20g range scales needed
I have a friend who also makes Edison brown wax
and early style cylinder records. He has an O'Haus ...
3-5-2018 at 09:20
by: sodium_stearate
Some advice on 20g range scales needed
What I am looking for is a nice mechanical scale.
No batteries to worry about, no power cord.

I' ...
1-5-2018 at 17:55
by: sodium_stearate
3D printing quartz glass
All the endless babble these days about 3-D printing
reminds me of the way the car makers were push ...
30-4-2018 at 15:55
by: sodium_stearate
aga's snarky garbage from Cherenkov Lamp thread
ok, ok,....if you insist. Here goes:

An Alcoholic.
30-4-2018 at 15:41
by: sodium_stearate
Testing EMs during thunder storms
Or you could wait until the 4th of July or newyear's eve
when lots of loud fireworks are going off. ...
30-4-2018 at 15:37
by: sodium_stearate
call for participation: modernizing SM forum software
My vote is please do not change it!

It works. It's solid. It's reliable. It's dependable.

P ...
29-4-2018 at 17:15
by: sodium_stearate
spirit lamp fuel
denatured alcohol is ready available
at hardware stores.
27-4-2018 at 15:27
by: sodium_stearate
When looking for competent scientific articles

Electronics hobbyists have massive advantages o ...
23-4-2018 at 10:23
by: sodium_stearate
The effects of temperature and concentration on reactions
The process I use when making Edison
brown wax for phonograph cylinders takes
advantage of the inc ...
23-4-2018 at 10:09
by: sodium_stearate
It finally happened, the police showed up
Yep. I know about these police tactics too because
I see them being used. They are doing it right ...
22-4-2018 at 10:42
by: sodium_stearate
Fun Phosphorus Speculations
With just a few more added free ingredients,
you could make up a batch of jenkum. :o:o
21-4-2018 at 06:27
by: sodium_stearate
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