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What reagents would you bring during an apocalyptic scenario?
Medications and micronutrients probably provide the best value for their size; you can carry enough ...
15-8-2022 at 17:58
by: zwt2
What's the easiest reaction to perform the produces elemental iron?
[rquote=672738&tid=158530&author=John paul III]Is there a reaction that could produce elemen ...
14-4-2022 at 07:31
by: zwt2
Electrostatic generator from Alpha,or Beta emitters!
It sounds like you're trying to make a [url=]Moseley[/url ...
21-11-2021 at 10:35
by: zwt2
High speed chips from chiseling
[quote]the morel of the story[/quote]
21-6-2021 at 11:09
by: zwt2
Beirut explosion
[rquote=642805&tid=156000&author=Chemorg42]On a connected note, why is SM (a science forum) ...
11-8-2020 at 16:31
by: zwt2
Beirut explosion
"Veterans Today is a pro-Kremlin, antisemitic conspira ...
11-8-2020 at 09:37
by: zwt2
The disappearance of cheap ebay laboratory glassware
Let's see.
Global pandemic, trade wars, encroaching anti-intellectualism...
Take your pick.
Whe ...
9-8-2020 at 15:46
by: zwt2
Retort & Stand Questions
[rquote=639135&tid=155226&author=Sulaiman]So slow that you may give up chemistry in despair. ...
25-6-2020 at 20:30
by: zwt2
Reaction skill tree
[rquote=637703&tid=97160&author=Yttrium2]Someone once said something that the alchemists did ...
6-6-2020 at 12:34
by: zwt2
Anti bike theft agent
Pottery-grade manganese dioxide. It'll hamper cutting and leave stains like a dye pack.
Manganese ...
29-5-2020 at 09:09
by: zwt2
Apologies for the downtime
It might be worth making an official sciencemadness account on one of the major social media platfor ...
29-5-2020 at 08:25
by: zwt2
Company is extracting phosphates from urine for crops
Some sewage plants have been doing this for years, but it's mainly to limit the amount of phosphorus ...
5-5-2020 at 05:59
by: zwt2
People inadvertently making explosive disinfectants
Couple of problems with that...
The corn being used for ethanol generally isn't food-grade - it's a ...
21-3-2020 at 22:12
by: zwt2
Emergency substitutes for bleach and rubbing alcohol?
Recent panic buying and supply chain disruptions have led to local shortages of certain household pr ...
4-3-2020 at 12:08
by: zwt2
Anhydrous ferric chloride + calcium carbide
If you try "melting" FeCl3 in an open container, most of it will just decompose to FeCl2 and chlorin ...
26-9-2019 at 09:42
by: zwt2
What the Hell Happened to the Picric Acid Thread?
[rquote=622059&tid=153609&author=hissingnoise][rquote=622049&tid=153609&author=zwt2] ...
3-9-2019 at 10:52
by: zwt2
What the Hell Happened to the Picric Acid Thread?
"Whingeing" is an accurate characterization.
j_sum1 is doing a thankless task in a voluntary capac ...
3-9-2019 at 08:48
by: zwt2

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