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New powerful Energetics based on Boron - Nitrogen reaction
... thing that might have kept pentaborane in the picture was the
advent of BN system, early in 1958. Callery Chemical was the originator of the idea, but within a year every propulsion contractor in th ...
1-12-2022 at 12:29
by: Elemental Phosphorus
HMTD Decomposition Rate and Recrystallization
Check these links which arise from a search parameter Callery
Also get and look at the patents listed in the link ...
27-2-2012 at 13:55
by: Rosco Bodine
Someone PLEASE tell me what happend....
Regarding the Callery patents....

Someone posted an interesting patent on a Dutch pyro-related board recently: ...
2-10-2010 at 14:43
by: nitro-genes
TATP--How sensitive is it?
... e friction sensitivity is about the same...

A more safe possibilty could be derived from the old Callery patents mentioned by Rosco. They probably involve a HMTD/AN or HMTD/Methylamine nitrate comp ...
6-2-2007 at 02:46
by: nitro-genes
HMTD synth... Second Product?
... reaction system which favors a
coprecipitation of a double salt HMTD/AN . There is a
patent by Callery related to this .
6-9-2006 at 11:04
by: Rosco Bodine
Hexamethylene explosive?
The Callery patents were first mentioned by me at E&W in a long thread about HMTD there , towards th ...
28-7-2006 at 10:18
by: Rosco Bodine
Hexamethylene explosive?
The Callery HMTD complex ? patents


A related hexamine dinitrate patent
by th ...
27-7-2006 at 17:06
by: Rosco Bodine

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