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Need to unload some glass

Slimz - 16-10-2008 at 06:27

I have a bunch of glass including a seperatory funnel, a bunch of beakers and flasks including one LARGE flask and suction funnel to match..

anyone interested.. make me an offer..

ill do a complete list tonight (at work right now)

HexJam - 17-10-2008 at 04:17

Tempting! What country are you in?

DrP - 17-10-2008 at 05:26

How LARGE is the flask?

Slimz - 17-10-2008 at 05:46

In tne USA (east coast)

the largest flask is 4000ml (thats the one with the suction nipple and matching large ceramic funnel) and the largest beaker is 2000ml

its MOSTLY brand name pyrex

here is a list of what i have:

1x4000ml Erlenmeyer flask with suction nipple
1xlarge glazed ceramic suction funnel

1x500ml Erlenmeyer flask
1x250ml Erlenmeyer flask
1x150ml Erlenmeyer flask
1x50 ml Erlenmeyer flask

1x2000ml beaker
1x1500ml beaker
2x1000ml beaker
2x600ml beaker
2x400ml braker
2x250ml beaker
1x100ml beaker
1x50ml beaker

7x test tubes (15mmx125mm)

1x 6in evaporation dish

1x500ml seperatory funnel

numbers can be read on all pieces

start making offers

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Silverado7 - 27-10-2008 at 12:00

how much would you price the 2x250 ml beaker for. And also, what state are you in?

jgourlay - 29-10-2008 at 14:32

2 things: 1, price on the 500 erylenmeyer flask.

2, OH MY GOSH!!! your sig line! My dad, now 20 years deceased, used to rattle that off all the time. I hadn't thought of that in years. Makes me a little short of breath.

used lab stuff.

jimwig - 29-10-2008 at 16:09

$100 plus shipping delivered unbroken to the southeast US.

i deal in used lab stuff. glass is hard to move for some reason right now.

and no i will not sell to anyone on this board.

Picric-A - 29-10-2008 at 16:14

huh?!?! was that sarcasm or what?
Wat do you mean hard to move? as in expencive to transport??

kclo4 - 29-10-2008 at 16:20

If you won't sell it to anyone on the board, why on earth would you even mention it?

chloric1 - 30-10-2008 at 15:48

So he can gloat about it.

kclo4 - 30-10-2008 at 17:55

I guess, didn't he say in another thread that he doesn't have any glassware? I think so :P

Phosphor-ing - 31-10-2008 at 06:16

Jimwig is giving us southerners a bad name. I would and have sold/bought/traded with people on this board.

bfesser - 31-10-2008 at 09:48

Maybe he just means not directly through this board (perhaps through an escrow service)? Either that or he's just an ass.

jimwig - 4-11-2008 at 19:25

nothing like all that. i was under the impression that it was a taboo to offer stuff for sale here.

so i don't

your turn

and if a good deal is bad for your reputation ---- well then!!!!

jimwig - 4-11-2008 at 19:28

oh just one other thing

pm me for a listing of all the things i sell.

right now stock is kinda down but who knows i might have just the right thing


MadHatter - 4-11-2008 at 22:01

I've never sold but donated equipment on this board. And, NO, international shipping
does not scare me. To wit - 2 centrifuges and 3 flasks shipped to Canada, California,
Sweden and U.K.(and YES, I paid the shipping !)

Slimz, what would you consider a reasonable offer for that 4 litre filtration flask with
Buchner funnel ? That's the erlenmeyer with the suction port.

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Slimz - 6-11-2008 at 09:55

Im on the east coast... mid Atlantic area

ok i am ready to price things

1x4000ml Erlenmeyer flask with suction nipple - 15$
1xlarge glazed ceramic suction funnel - 25$

1x500ml Erlenmeyer flask - 5$
1x250ml Erlenmeyer flask - 4$
1x150ml Erlenmeyer flask - 2$
1x50 ml Erlenmeyer flask - 2$

1x2000ml beaker - 20$
1x1500ml beaker - 10$
2x1000ml beaker - 5$ea
2x600ml beaker - 5$ea
2x400ml braker - 4$ea
2x250ml beaker - 4$ea
1x100ml beaker - 3$
1x50ml beaker - 2$

7x test tubes (15mmx125mm) - 1$ea

1x 6in evaporation dish -2$

1x500ml seperatory funnel - 30$


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