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Again some special glassware

woelen - 3-1-2009 at 08:38

My Belgian friend again received a nice piece of glassware and made a picture of this. It is a simple object.

The tip of the tube (near its bottom) is closed and the two side-arms near the bottom are open. At the top, the tube also is open. That's all.

Any idea of its intended use?

strange_tube.jpg - 52kB

UnintentionalChaos - 3-1-2009 at 20:31

I can't think of anything immediately, but is it possible that this is a glassblower's blank and is intended to be formed or attached to some other piece to give it some functionality? I have seen blanks for ground glass joints before, which often have a good deal of plain tube attached to them which can be used or removed as necessary for the finished piece.

Ozone - 4-1-2009 at 10:33

It looks like there is a ring on the top. If that is true, it tends to argue against this piece being a blank. All of the blanks I have seen are straight and unfinished.

Other than that, your guess is as good as mine. A flow cell with a thermo or probe well? Or maybe a "distribution funnel"?



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thefips - 30-1-2009 at 17:43

It could be (only a thought) something to introduce a substance into a flow of a liquid solvent. on the left a solvent could be introduced, on the right it flows out into a reaction app.
When the left and the right are closed with stoppers and glastubes or hoses, a solid substance could be placed into the small closed tube at the bottom. when a solvent is filled in the tube an the tube is closed with a stopper at the top, a flow of solvent from the left to the right or vice versa would probably lead to turbulences around the solid and you would get a solution of the solvent.

... only a thought...

Pomzazed - 30-1-2009 at 20:28

To me it looks like a chromatographic column. Add the missing teflon stopcock at the lower side holes and there you go. According to size it looks like a column for 100mmol scale synth?

nitroglycol - 30-1-2009 at 20:48

Yeah, it looks like a column or burette that wasn't completed to me.

Sedit - 30-1-2009 at 20:52

A blank for a seperation funnel would be my vote. The two holes are for the placement of the stopcock.

Just a guess but I have a friend of mine that does this sort of work, Im going to draw him a picture and see if he is able to tell me what it may be used for.

Panache - 2-2-2009 at 05:01

i have many pieces of glassware that puzzled and perplexed me until one day i was musing to my very dry and serious swiss glassblower regarding something and he told me that often apprentices glassblowers would be given things to make, without function, but were the most effective way to learn a particular skill. Such exercises were common during times when not much work was available for the apprentice to keep them occupied.
Then i remember all the silly copper items my father used to get his apprentices to make up in our garage when not much plumbing was to be had.
I definitely have one such glassblowing item, i use it as a fish tank, after ppondering its use for several years.
I don't know if this item is such an item, seems like too neat a job for a beginner, but who knows, maybe the apprentice was catholic and the picture is upside-down. I have some cruffix shaped tissue grinders but the openings are all in the wrong place. Wait unless it is a blank for a tissue grinder, that would make sense. Chemeoleo should know what they are, biosciences and all.
Just looked at the tissue grinder seems unlikely that the photo is a blank for one.