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'sleeping gene'

ahlok2002 - 10-12-2003 at 12:00

that are some genes in cell genome that pass from the parental cells, these genes not shown the phenotype in the prrogeny and inherit from one generation to the next. by new study scientist enable to activate the sleeping or silence gene. these may help us to understand more about the evolution route of certain species and the relationship of different species or even genus.

ahlok2002 - 16-12-2003 at 10:00

Genes come in pairs, one copy from your mom and one from your dad. In some genetic conditions, inheriting one bad, or mutant, gene copy from either parent is sufficient to cause disease. researchers have shown that it is possible to silence a mutant gene without affecting expression of the normal gene. The findings suggest that the gene-silencing technique might one day be useful in treating many human diseases, including cancer, Huntington's disease and similar genetic disorders, and viral diseases, where it would be desirable to selectively turn off certain genes that cause problems.

In particular, the researchers were able to silence mutant genes without affecting the normal gene copy even when the mutant and the normal gene differ by as little as a single letter in the genetic code

ahlok2002 - 10-1-2004 at 02:09

mutation not really cause negative effect to the population and this can be see from the view of the fitness in the term og genetic study. the chacrateristic of the particular trait can be fit in the polulation may not so to the other!