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no1uno - 24-4-2009 at 01:16


I am helping out in this project - what is being done is a cross-board library (if possible) - that is the setup - only a few articles are done up (both medchem)....

It might be possible to source a better host than that one - anyone here want to help out?;)

The files will not, for legal reasons, be hosted on that site - instead all that site will do will be provide categorised links, abstract/publication information, pertinent to each article.

That way the site is not and can not be in breach of copyright law, presuming that the people who provide pdf copies of articles are entitled to (in fact, there will probably be a caveat to that effect later).;) I mean where would the world be if people had to assume people were lying to them?:D

So it looks like the library might be doable - which should mean an end to losing references and not being able to find them again as well as the fucking horrific download providers.

PS If anyone has articles they are "entitled" to share and would like to so do, simply open an acct with a free website provider and just upload your pdf/djvu articles there - as long as they aren't labelled index, they will be invisible to all that you don't provide the actual link to.

PPS Send me the links if you want the articles added to the library please. I'm not in this for the glory or the name, or even for the glory of one forum over the others, I'm just sick of losing references.