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Drug discovery related informations

medchem - 12-12-2009 at 06:20

hello everybody,
I have started this thread to provide the updates about the drug discovery related informations (from my blog). Hope to see your feedback so that it will be helpful to improve my site.

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kclo4 - 13-12-2009 at 20:06

Very nice blog! I like it, thanks for taking the time and effort. :D

medchem - 13-12-2009 at 20:19

@kclo4, thank you so much for your feedback. It's nice to see indiescience as your signature (I am familiar to..).

Picric-A - 14-12-2009 at 03:48

Awsome blog medchem! i Especially like the page of Baloon hydrogenation, awsome vid!

stateofhack - 14-12-2009 at 03:58

Very nice, your hydrogenation information is very nice!

medchem - 14-12-2009 at 06:06

@picric-A, stateofhack. Thank you so much.

marksev1 - 14-12-2009 at 10:04

Very nice just in my field of study... your blog is going into my bookmarks, keep up the good work..:)

medchem - 14-12-2009 at 17:00

@marksev1, thanks a lot for a bookmark (or you can subscribe at alert for new post, if you want;)

medchem - 18-12-2009 at 09:10

Recently, ritonavir (antiretroviral) has been reported to show anticancer effect. Check out more informations .......<a href="">exploration of ritonavir as anticancer agent</a>

Formatik - 20-12-2009 at 00:59

It looks nice. There are so many possibilities for discussion since there are always new discoveries being made in this field. I was recently reading about anti-aging effects of aminoguanidine (interesting compound which also appeared in some discussions here).

medchem - 20-12-2009 at 17:13

thanks formatik. and aminoguanidine looks interesting. It's used as antidiabetic rite? I tried to search but couldnt grab the enough references regarding its clinical use for different pharmacological activity. If you do have would you please let me know?

Formatik - 21-12-2009 at 14:17

Yeah, sure. There's this article, which also has references at the bottom of it:

Also, search PubMed for "AGE" and aminoguanidine, this yields many studies, e.g.

Exp Gerontol. 2008 Jun;43(6):584-8.
Reconstructed skin modified by glycation of the dermal equivalent as a model for skin aging and its potential use to evaluate anti-glycation molecules.
Pageon H, Técher MP, Asselineau D.

anti-tumor action of aminoguanidine:

World J Gastroenterol. 2009 Mar 7;15(9):1065-71.
Aminoguanidine impedes human pancreatic tumor growth and metastasis development in nude mice.
Mohamad NA, Cricco GP, Sambuco LA, Croci M, Medina VA, Gutiérrez AS, Bergoc RM, Rivera ES, Martín GA.

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kclo4 - 21-12-2009 at 20:33

You would be interested in the ImmInst forum...
I think the people there would also enjoy your blog.

medchem - 22-12-2009 at 16:52

Quote: Originally posted by kclo4  
You would be interested in the ImmInst forum...
I think the people there would also enjoy your blog.

thanks a lot

medchem - 27-12-2009 at 05:44

Salen ligand are popular ligands because of their easy formation and rich coordination chemistry with large variety of metal ions, and being used as catalysts in different asymmetric reactions. Recently a novel <a href="">metal-salen complexes bearing Ferrocenophane has been synthesized</a>

N I wish all sciencemadness users a very very happy new year 2010!!

cyclic anti HIV peptide

medchem - 4-1-2010 at 07:25

Human theta defensin genes are present in human but presence of premature stop codon blocks the translation. Correction of these genes with aminoglycosides activate genes to produce theta defensin, a cyclic anti HIV peptide.
<a href="">aminoglycosides for reawakening of retrocylins for anti HIV-1</a>

medchem - 11-1-2010 at 22:10

thiophene-oxadiazole core has been found to be important for HIF-I inhibitory activity. As we know HIF-I has key role in transcription of various genes involved in cell growth and survival, the mentioned core may provide a new insight to researchers for the development of anticancer agents.
If your are interested, please check out my blog and hope to see some informations related to the topic in comment section (YOUR view is important :D)

kclo4 - 12-1-2010 at 21:04

What did you think of the Imminst forums?
I'm just curious.. it is a weird place.

medchem - 12-1-2010 at 22:11

Quote: Originally posted by kclo4  
What did you think of the Imminst forums?
I'm just curious.. it is a weird place.

Ya everything looks cool and even subject criteria is broad which is good to involve a large number of audience. I am trying to involve in disease and medicine section.
"The motto of the site is interesting and weird too."

So, what's your view? which section do you like the most?

medchem - 16-1-2010 at 06:49

hello guys,
I have posted simple method of recording TLC data in my blog. Would you plz check and give your feedback. Sharing your own method in the comment section will be great.

medchem - 22-1-2010 at 08:14

Proton pump inhibitors like omeprazole and pantoprazole has been studied for anti-allergic asthmatic activity. please check out the latest update in the blog with animated clip about MOA of proton pump inhibitors

Paddywhacker - 22-1-2010 at 19:44

Quote: Originally posted by medchem  
hello guys,
I have posted simple method of recording TLC data in my blog. Would you plz check and give your feedback. Sharing your own method in the comment section will be great.

Blog comments doesn't allow pics, AFAICS

I keep a hardcopy notebook, but transfer the notes to computer, so photographing and annotating works for me.

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Aldols of vanillin 23 Jan 2010 - 2.jpg - 86kB

medchem - 28-1-2010 at 09:13

Paddywhacker: ya image is not allowed in the comment (technical prob). But comments with words are always welcome

recently one of my junior asked about dropping funnel.
here also someone was asking about it.
thinking to make them aware of dropping funnel I have written post about this equipment in my blog with image. I hope it will be helpful for them and others.......

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medchem - 3-2-2010 at 04:42

Sorafenib; anticancer drug for kidney, lung and liver carcinoma has been found effective against Osteosarcoma.
Please check out the details.
<a href="">Sorafenib vs Osteosarcoma</a>

And guys, there is one picture showing someone's statue in this post. I guess most of you know whose statue is that? Want to try, plz check out and mentioned the name of the person in the comment section of the linked blog.
Let's see how many of you know that person?

medchem - 9-2-2010 at 05:46

<a href="">It is found that Rofecoxib is photocyclized to give new product as 6-methylsulphonylphenanthro[9, 10-C]-furan-1(3H)one.</a>
I hope to see your view on the proposed degradation mechanism.

medchem - 18-2-2010 at 07:45

<a href="">Recent finding shows that silver nanoparticles has potential to inhibit hiv-1 entry by binding to gp120.</a>

medchem - 20-3-2010 at 00:13

It has been quite busy weeks...after long gap, I have posted <a href="">about pramipexole enantiomers and its antioxidant activity</a>. Check it out!

Arrhenius - 21-3-2010 at 21:57

Regardign pramipoxole

If those compounds are 'anti-oxidants', what consequence is their stereochemistry? I think it's plain as day to see why they're 'active' in that neural cell assay. I would bet thiourea would perform equally well. The isothiourea (thiazole) is likely reducing the peroxide, and it's possible the amine is also being oxidized to the N-oxide. Does the paper suggest otherwise? As far as treating Parkinson's disease effectively by acting as a dopaminergic... I wish I could agree, Parkinson's is a truly mysterious condition. Medicinal chemistry still has its work cut out in that department.

Say, do you have any experience with AutoDock?

medchem - 25-3-2010 at 19:00

Permeability transition pore (PTP) as a possible target of this drug
It is already reported that pramipexole can enter and accumulate in mitochondira. It inhibits the PTP and eliminates the Ca++-triggered swelling thereby preventing the cell death.

medchem - 2-5-2010 at 04:42

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medchem - 17-5-2010 at 20:49

<a href="">Anticancer activity of Voreloxin</a>

You can share informations about the voreloxin, pharmacological or chemistry aspects.