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acros organics

ANDLOS - 6-1-2010 at 00:43

I am from egypt and i want to ask how to purchase something form acros with least price
i know friend in belgium who can purchase it to me

but shipping is too expensive what can i do ??

can my friend ask the company to send it to me??
and what price??

Picric-A - 7-1-2010 at 11:20

Your friend can not ask the company to send it to you as Acros is required to send all chemicals to the accounts registered address. Your friend would have to forward it to you and yes that would be VERY expencive, considering HAZMAT fees.
What chemicals do you need ANDLOS? so i can advise on the price.

ANDLOS - 8-1-2010 at 03:40

Oxone which is potassium peroxymonosulfate i need only 50 gm

Klute - 10-1-2010 at 03:28

You can surely get Oxone as a technical grade chemical from other companies. Acros is going to sell it at expensi ve prices.. You could find it as a pool chemical, I suppose you have a lot of pools in Egypt? And doesn't acros have distributors in Egypt?

ANDLOS - 10-1-2010 at 07:46

Unfortuantely i can not find site for pool chemical in egypt ,
for acros distrubutors in egypt they sell with price about 20 time that of acros and they delay delivery about 4 month
i search for method for oxone synthesis
I hope i can find it

dann2 - 10-1-2010 at 13:35

Available here

for 15 quid for one kg
Shipping to egypt??


ScienceSquirrel - 10-1-2010 at 14:12

There must be pool chemical shops in Egypt.
If I were you I would go to my local pool shop, check out all the chemicals, note down the names and consult the manufacturer's websites.
I bet you can buy a kilo of Oxone for not very much at all if you know what to buy!
Certainly I can get sodium hydrogen sulphate, calcium hypochlorite, high test thin bleach etc as OTC chemicals.
I have seen worse stuff as technical grade chemicals from major suppliers and getting them to reagent grade is part of the fun.

ScienceSquirrel - 10-1-2010 at 14:39

Funnily enough I heard of a PhD student who needed glucosamine on a huge scale as his raw material.
This was before its popularity as a food supplement and the chemical companies wanted stacks of dosh for the kilo type quantities he needed.
So his supervisor organised a supply of crab shells, some big glass and a lot of hydrochloric acid.
Supposedly the smell was disgusting and he was exiled to the spare room by the girlfriend who took to their bed with her cat!