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oxygen activated pigment

kafka - 16-3-2010 at 15:58

hi there, i had an idea for improving a product, im just not sure what to use or truly where to start.

i require a compound that is cheap enough to be used in a realitivley inexpensive product, is non toxic, is quickly activated, starts clear and when exposed to oxygen turns a strong color (black would be best, red would work blue is good no yellow etc).

this compound would be something that could be added to plastic and would not set off any chain reaction when exposed to oxygen ie only the molecules exposed to the air will change in color. its actually air i want to cause the color change so atomspheric nitrogen etc can be used as the activator

sorry if it sounds like im asking for you guys to do all the work, thats not my intention. im starting research now im just having problems getting started. ill update the thread with anything i find and ultimitley ill name the everyday item i hope to change.

thanks for any help

kafka - 16-3-2010 at 16:42

ok so far the idea of electrochromism pigment/dye seems the best for this purpose.

the idea is a cellophane, pet or similar film is broken. within this fil is a layer of unexposed oxygen sensitive dye/pigment/ whetever. when this is exposed to air it quickly changes from clear to a very noticable color. the color is a high contrast to the original unbroken film. the color can only be seen at the broken point.

yet im still having trouble finding a good list of such pigments. most that i am seeing require higher levels of activation than simple air exposure.

im sure it obvious what product im talking about now as well as the problem of trying to find the new end on a clear roll. troubling

ninefingers - 16-3-2010 at 19:15

gee, you stole my idea...:(I've hated picking at the end of tape my whole life. Basically, only the cheaper Chinese made stuff has a real problem with this--a bit thinner and stickier than it should be, so it tears too easy.

Try a 3M website; as they make most "Scotch" tape.

DJF90 - 17-3-2010 at 12:24

The colour will not only be seen at the broken point if the whole film is made air-active. One further thing to note is that you only want to coat the inside of the film. You might want to look into "self destructing DVD's" - The guy's who came up with the idea used an air activated dye in the plastic disc, rendering the disc unusable 24hrs after removing the disc from the vacuum sealed packaging. I cannot remember the brand name.

Vogelzang - 17-3-2010 at 14:59

If you're trying to get other people to help you invent something and you decide to get a patent on it, just remember that these people will be co-inventors. 35 USC 102 forbids you from getting a patent on something that you didn't invent. They would have to be named on the patent along with you if you contributed to it.

Look at paragraph f here

If you aren't getting a patent on it then you could make and use it as long as you don't infringe on anyone's patent.

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