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Ozonelabs- Synthesis of Lidocaine

Ozonelabs - 16-4-2010 at 05:59

The long promised Lidocaine synthesis!

Any questions or comments greatfully received.


The Ozonelabs Team

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Picric-A - 16-4-2010 at 07:25

Awesome write-up as ever Ozonelabs!

DJF90 - 16-4-2010 at 09:07

The synthesis isn't up to your usual standard, and you do not cite a reference for the procedure you used (unless you came up with it yourself?). Additionally, you haven't performed any analysis to confirm that it is actually Lidocaine you've made, not even a melting point. You should also recrystallise your material before such analysis, and although I'm fairly certain what you have made is the desired product, you shouldn't just assume this without analytical evidence. I've attached a paper that does the reaction on a smaller scale and gets a higher yeild of crude product; you might want to try their procedure and compare it to your own.

I hope you'll take my criticism constructively and not find it disheartening.

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Ozonelabs - 1-5-2010 at 03:16


Proton NMR on intermediate a-chloro-2,6-dimethylacetanilide:

Proton NMR on final Lidocaine:

Carbon NMR on final Lidocaine:

UnintentionalChaos - 1-5-2010 at 04:02

What am I looking at? Solvent? Are they referenced? Surely you shouldn't have a peak at 0 for referenced HNMR unless it's tetramethylsilane.