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glassware suppliers that sell to hobbyists?

bob800 - 1-10-2010 at 18:28

I'm trying to find a reputable Corning\Chemglass\Kimax glassware supplier that will sell to hobbyists. However, most companies don't say this on their website.

Does anyone have experience buying from:

1. Aceglass (mentioned alot on this forum, but on their website the order info says "Business credentials are required.")

2. Chemglass

I'm trying to find a place to get a good name-brand 19/22 distillation set, does anyone have any suggestions for other companies? (other than Expedi or UGT, which is all I could find reviews on when searching)


EDIT: There's also a lot of equipment on eBay with the following warning: "The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to FDA regulation, I will verify your status as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item." What does this actually mean?

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crazyboy - 1-10-2010 at 19:20

I buy most of my glass from Cynmar and various vendors on eBay. I have never purchased from Chemglass however I have purchased from Aceglass, all I had to do was make up a business name. I would only by from Aceglass if I needed a hard to find or rare piece of glass because their prices are quite high. For flasks, condensers, beakers etc. Cynamr and eBay.

Jianaran - 1-10-2010 at 21:50

This topic is very relevant to my interests, so I thought I'd ask some questions. I'm looking to start up some amateur chemistry here in australia, and would need to buy some glassware, but i have no real idea where to get it from. Sites like cynmar and ugt seem pretty good, but i have a feeling that the shipping costs to here would be horrendous. Would it be best for me to just bite the bullet and pay the shipping, or are there some decent suppliers here in aus who sell to individuals?
Thanks for any help that may be forthcoming.

bob800 - 2-10-2010 at 06:20

Quote: Originally posted by crazyboy  
For flasks, condensers, beakers etc. Cynamr and eBay.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I can't find any ground-glass jointed glassware on Cynmar (other than full kits that don't appear to be Pyrex® brand).

I'm mostly trying to find a reputable place to get Pyrex\Chemglass flasks, and then I'll get a condenser and adapters from Expedi or eBay.

Any other suggestions?

ctrlphreak - 2-10-2010 at 07:12

I've ordered a small 19/22 glasware set off ebay for $100.

When I evolved, I bought a 24/40 glassware set, custom built piece by piece from a chinese vendor,andthe glassware was hearty,stable,and the thickest, best blow I've seen to date.

uchiacon - 2-10-2010 at 13:10

Yeah, I think that as long as glassware is thick, china seems best. My stuff is this thick borosilicate blow, probably a good few mm thick. I think you just need to look around for a no name chinese type, just buy a small bit first to verify quality.

You'll probably need to have a thorough dig through your yellow pages as well. Asking for a supplier here won't do you any favours; you'd be surprised at the things of use that I've found when phoning around about something else.

Minimum of $200 order for internal shipping... and there's a 1L heating mantle stirrer on there for $90US on special! D:
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jon - 2-10-2010 at 16:32

buying bits and pieces can get expensive due to shipping costs it's best to buy glass kits or lots of merchandise

zed - 2-10-2010 at 23:11

Folks on e-bay, usually put stuff up for sale because they want to sell it.

Those qualified buyer statements, are just standard disclaimers. E-bay may be requiring it.

Very few items, actually require any kind of license to purchase.

A seller might refuse to ship you a dental chair, handpiece, and a case of bonding epoxy....If it turned out you weren't actually a dentist.

Likewise, a seller might refuse to sell you a prescription medical device......Without a prescription.

Picene - 5-10-2010 at 18:02

I would guess bob800, that that is a cut and paste disclaimer put on the auctions of a particular seller who sells chemicals and glassware.

Sale of certain chemicals is regulated by the FDA, pretty much anything that is typically used in human medicine.

As far as state regulation, the only state I know that currently restricts the purchase of glass is Texas. In texas you have to fill out this form, and get a permit every time you want to order anything on that list, unless you are a business and then you can fill you the NAR-121 and get a permanent permit.

There is no fee. It still seems like a giant pain in the ass, you know? But maybe is worth it to show that you're just a hobbyist and not a ter-rr-ist or meth cook. That way maybe you have tea with the sherrif and show him your garage instead instead of getting your dog shot by the DEA.

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