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Ubya - 14-6-2019 at 05:18

Quote: Originally posted by fusso  
Black organic compound?Weird.

highly conjugated, high absorbtion in the visible spectrum

Tryptamine from tryptophan

Practical - 5-7-2019 at 00:25

Purified freebase tryptamine from decarboxylation of tryptophan.

0D6F2B93-8CDA-449B-9297-C2F482A84EAE.jpeg - 535kB

homeschoolmadness - 5-7-2019 at 08:00

Quote: Originally posted by nimgoldman  
Harmine and harmaline hydrochloride crystals

Harmala alkaloids extracted from Peganum harmala (syrian rue) seeds, further purified by crystallization from brine.
These alkaloids are MAO inhibitors.
I further separate harmine and harmaline (DHH, dihydroharmine), the latter is further reduced to tetrahydroharmine (THH, leptaflorine) which is a weak SSRI with interesting benefits for central nervous system (could promote neuroplasticity).

I love that an extract from a plant called "rue" can be made into a weak SSRI. Funny. ;) Though from what I understand, plants usually get "rue" in their common name because they cause hayfever, not because they make people sad. Two different meanings of "rue," I guess.

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Molybdenum heteropolyacids are my long-time favorites

Bezaleel - 16-7-2019 at 13:33

IMG_0016_named.jpg - 341kB

fusso - 16-7-2019 at 21:55

Quote: Originally posted by Bezaleel  
Is it really blue? It looks white to me. Can you put it near a white background to make a contrast?

Bezaleel - 17-7-2019 at 14:30

Quote: Originally posted by fusso  
Is it really blue? It looks white to me. Can you put it near a white background to make a contrast?

IMG_1647_adj_small.JPG - 72kB

Bezaleel - 17-7-2019 at 15:00

Playing with EDTA. Many complexes only seem to exist in solution. The copper-sodium complex retains its deep blue colour when the liquor evaporated, forming a glassy substance.

IMG_1420_small.JPG - 128kB

The lithium salt of the copper complex has the same deep blue colour in solution, but crystalises in a cyan-like variant of blue in tiny dull crystals.

The potassium salt of course has the same colour in solution, but separated into two phases on evaporation of the solution. A dark blue one, and one with the same colour as the lithium salt.

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