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Plated cathode and anodes.

beastmaster - 16-10-2010 at 17:25

Is a platinum plated cathode/anode as effective as a pure solid one? Because of cost I am thinking of purchasing a platinum plated titanium screen cathode, though the experiment calls for a platinum one. Are they equal? Of course I would assume a solid platinum one would last a lot longer, but longevity isn't an issue
Thank you for your patients. Beastmaster

kclo4 - 16-10-2010 at 20:29

I don't know if they are equal to one another, but I would think that a well plated electrode with platinum should be able to work in place a solid platinum electrode. However, the longevity of it, as you mention will obviously be much shorter - Once the other metal is exposed it will likely get destroyed. I am not sure but it may be possible to fix it up from time to time.

metalresearcher - 17-10-2010 at 03:21

It is the *surface* what counts. So yu can use very thin Pt foil (< 0.2mm thick) and it yet durable, better than Pt plated Ti. 0.2mm foil is about 0.4 gram per sq cm so costs about $60 per 2 sq cm. But watch out:
This ebay item of Pt wire for $22.95 per inch :

means 1 onch @ 0.4mm thickness weighs 0.068 grams. That means they charge 22.95 * 31.1 / 0.068 = $10400 per ounce which is fivefold the actual market price which is a real ripoff !

So check the offered Pt sheet and wite vendors how many grams it is.