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For Sale: Melting Point Apparatus.

Picene - 18-10-2010 at 23:32

I'm hocking my old Mel-Temp 2. It's a 200watt device with ambient to 500C range, holds 3 samples at a time, and it comes with a Cole-Parmer digital thermocouple thermometer rated for -160-850 degrees C. Works like a champ. I'll throw in some capillary tubes as well. 350 USD for the lot plus shipping (about 6 pounds)

Sorry about the terrible picture quality. I don't have a worthwhile flash.

101910001.jpg - 116kB

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spirocycle - 19-10-2010 at 06:35

where are you located?

Picene - 19-10-2010 at 18:27

I'm in Arizona.

spirocycle - 19-10-2010 at 18:29

worse comes to worse, I may be interested in just the thermocouple

bfesser - 10-1-2011 at 13:42

Sold it yet?

ChemichaelRXN - 11-1-2011 at 20:39

Yep, I purchased it. Thanks again Picene!! :)

peach - 14-1-2011 at 13:32

Nice handwriting :)

VirtualReactor - 26-1-2011 at 12:55


Anyone have to sell similar apparatus ?

I wanna buy like this.