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Zolpidem impurity

text0r - 6-4-2019 at 21:08

Hello fellas,

Recently I have been find interested building block which someone selling on ebay probably is zolpidem impurity ?

Anyone know this seller is legit ?

Many thanks !

j_sum1 - 6-4-2019 at 21:47

What kind of building block are you wanting? What is your target compound?
This smells like cookery to me.

If this is a genuine chemistry project then I am sure you will find folks here to be helpful.
Zolpidem has been designed to target very specific biological systems, and is a schedule IV controlled substance. (It does have significant side-effects and acts as a GABA agonist.) I am wondering what legitimate use you could possibly have for it.

I would be wary of buying any unprocessed pharmaceuticals via eBay. I think there is a high risk of not getting what you want or having who-knows-what kind of impurities. What analytical equipment do you have at your disposal?

I have no experience of this particular seller: I don't recall ever ordering anything from Slovenia.

text0r - 7-4-2019 at 00:40

Thanks for your reply j_sum1.

We are trying to synthesis the following compound

We want to bond Adamantan-1-amine and later Diamantane ring to carboxylic group with eg. DCC, CDI coupling reagent with coupling rxn.

That's why I was asking if anyone ordered already any compounds from that seller.


sporemaster - 12-4-2019 at 21:04

All what I can confirm is that I bought from this seller on ebay Propiophenone, and can confirm this vendor is pro. Althrought is a bit expensive but worth it. I havent bought from him this Zolpidem impurity.

if you react this mentioned Zolpidem impurity with dimethylamine you have Zolpidem in high yields >80% if you properly do it. lol

zum.jpg - 97kB

Tsjerk - 12-4-2019 at 23:42

Maybe the name of this topic should be changed into "zolpidem precursor".

DavidJR - 13-4-2019 at 02:54

Quote: Originally posted by sporemaster  

if you react this mentioned Zolpidem impurity with dimethylamine you have Zolpidem in high yields >80% if you properly do it. lol

Wouldn't you have to first convert the carboxylic acid group to an acyl halide? For example, using thionyl chloride.

laserlisa - 13-4-2019 at 03:56

You can amidate the carboxylic acid directly using a petide coupling reagent.

sporemaster - 13-4-2019 at 03:59

Hey DavidJR

You dont need first to convert it to acyhalide.

isnt more comortable to form amide from carboxylic acid and amine? with coupling reagent like PyBOP, DCC, CDI, HOBt etc...As mentioned user text0r

sporemaster - 13-4-2019 at 04:08

laserlisa :

You took my words :) and with coupling reactions there are high yield without loss. In case if you convert it to acyhalide yield drops drastically + purifyiing etc.... Plus acyhalides are nasty and hard to find. :)

Pumukli - 13-4-2019 at 08:12

Are coupling agents any easier to find? :-)

sporemaster - 13-4-2019 at 09:13


I have find several suppliers on ebay for example PyBOP but in my opinion is easier to find them than acylhalides which are hazardous chemicals and hard to ship with USPS network :) just my opinion maybe im wrong :)

but coupling reagent are a bit expensive :\

high yields :)

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