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Chemicals available UK only

panziandi - 7-4-2019 at 10:44

Hello again Science Madness, it's been a long time! Hope all you folks are doing well! So, I have some chemicals that will be disposed of, unless they find a new home. I need to sort them out but to get things rolling:

Phenyldichlorophosphine approximately 2L - Technical grade from Petrarch Chemicals 1974, recently rebottled into a more sensible Schott bottle. Orange liquid, fumes strongly, stinks of garlic! Probably has suffered some degree of oxidation and hydrolysis over time but for the most part it should be fine! Happy to split this if you are interested in a smaller quantity.

All offers considered, UK only, collection only!

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DavidJR - 7-4-2019 at 13:34

Hmmmm I'm possibly interested in a small amount - 'collection only' might be a problem though.

Jules - 19-5-2019 at 06:16

Have you rehomed your supplies? If not I might be interested depending on where you are.