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ammonia from ammonium chloride?

navarone - 9-2-2004 at 03:38

sup people?
i was wondering on how to get ammnia out of ammonium chloride.or what is supposed to be ammonium chloride.
i mixed a solution of 10% ammonia,
with a 10% hcl solution.

now i guess thas ammonium chloride
here some pictures:
[img] 825709&len=45215&mimepart=4&disk= fe44270baf99888ad8996[/img]

[img] 825709&len=45215&mimepart=3&disk= 550d34c4e4ff5926a20b1[/img]

funny crystals heh?

but why they have different shapes?
i mean look at the ones in the border and then a the ones at the center.

they are completely different.

anyway, if somebody knows a way to get pure ammonia out of these in a siple way.
please tell me.



navarone - 9-2-2004 at 03:40

sorry,the email got fucked up.
ill attach them.
here is number one

crystals.bmp - 297kB

navarone - 9-2-2004 at 03:41

and number 2:

crystals2.bmp - 297kB

Tacho - 9-2-2004 at 04:04

If you mix ammonium chloride with a strong base like NaOH, ammonia gas should evolve. I'm talking about dry salts, not solutions. If they are too dry, a drop of water should start the reaction. From then on, it produces its own water.

the best way to ammonia

Organikum - 9-2-2004 at 06:32

is to intimately mix absolutely DRY (ovendried) NH4Cl with CaO - quicklime - a grinder comes handy her, wearing gloves and eyeprotection is advised and dont inhale CaO-dust - a wet cloth over nose and mouth is helpful here.
So grind together the ammoniumchloride with a good molar excess of CaO, put it in a vessel and drop some drops of strong lye onto this mixture.
Voila! NH3 almost dry! :D
If you want it absolute dry you need to add a rather small drying tube filled with an NaOH/CaO mixture.

meselfs - 9-2-2004 at 15:31

I bought a 20lb bag of ammonium sulfate for 3$ (honest!) and Imake ammonia by mixing it with NaOH in water.

AngelEyes - 19-2-2004 at 07:58

Thought I'd bring this up on an existing thread rather than starting a new one.

I spotted this interesting story about a new process to convert Nitrogen to Ammonia using Zirconium in solution. No catalysts (I think, if I read the story right), no high pressures and temperaturess less than boiling water. Apparently, the Zirconium forms a complex (with the water I guess - they're a little vague on some of the details) then adds Hydrogen across the Nitrogen bonds using that complex. They say it's not industrially viable but could be used to make small amounts of interesting Nitrogen compunds.

I suppose you might have to have a ready source of Zirconium, though...

guaguanco - 19-2-2004 at 08:51

navarone, for cryin out loud. Please get a basic chemistry book and read it.