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My sad story.Will my dream ever become real?

nagyepf - 11-8-2019 at 06:40

I am 18 years old now.7 years ago,when I was 11 I got a dream about setting up a mini laboratory where I would do chemistry and physics experiments and projects,in the physics part especially with high voltage.I would make videos about my experiments and projects and upload on my Youtube channel.Here's my channel:
I am probably not asking much from you if I say please subscribe if you can.

I was dreaming that I could do similar stuff like Kreosan,Cody's Lab,NurdRage,KipKay,NightHawkInLight,HouseHoldHacker or The King Of Random.(By the way,he died in a paragliding accident:(
Rest in Peace and best wishes for his family and friends.

I had all the knowledge I would need from books,TV programmes and Internet.Also,I had very good teachers at school and the school had a hobby electronics (and a bit of geography,geology,chemistry) club between September 2013 and June 2016.It was discontinued because there were very few students who were interested.

The only thing which stopped me reaching my dreams is my father.Not because he was afraid that I kill myself in an accident but because he hates physics and chemistry very much.Not only physics and chemistry but he also hates computers and the internet,in short everything which is modern technology.He is a very primitive man,he drinks and smokes an awful lot every day.
He is unable to understand that I could use all my stuff which I collected.
He thinks that having a hobby is an unnecessary waste of time in your life.
Evertything I described above about my father is a very common meantality of some older people(Those born in or before the 1970s) in Eastern Europe.
Every single time when I buy something he sais I bought some f*cking garbage again which i will never use in my life.For him everything is garbage,except his jugs containing wine.
Until I graduate from school,get a job,and be able to buy my own house probably nothing will change.
I can only hope that nobody here on this forum had the same ot worse childhood than me.

Ubya - 11-8-2019 at 08:18

i'll subscribe to any channel i find good or interesting, your right now is too random, when you'll be more specialized on chemistry/physics i'll do, please don't beg subscribers.
i can understand your situation, my parents were not really happy when the came home in the evening to find broken/burning/smelly stuff in our home (thanks to me), mu father always complained that what i did was useless or stupid, my mom was insted supportive of my hobby, but outside home:D, anyway, i just ignored my father, he would make funny of meor get bored by my hobby but nothing else. if your dad doesn't force you physically to not live your hobby (just gets angry, or annoyed) i say just do it, you might wait many years before indipendence. if your father though harms you for your hobby, try finding in your area someone with your same hobby, you could work with him/here at his/her place, or organize a lab somewhere out of your house (if you have some land). there are ways don't worry

Pumukli - 11-8-2019 at 09:28

A few years ago I tried to organize a hobby electronics club for the kids from the local elementary school, basically for the 12-14 years olds.
I went to the school, even requested 5 min time from the teachers to show some gadgets to catch the kids' attention. I visited 3 different classes.
On the first meeting 8 kids showed up! (Great!)
Later, from our second meeting to the end a few months later there were only 3 kids! (Needless to say I did not charged a penny for anyone, I used my own equipment and electronics parts, we got the place for free with lighting, heating, anything we would need from the town hall on Saturday mornings!)
On day zero one of the maths teachers told me that she doubts if I could initiate any positive response from the kids. I did not believed her and thought "what a pessimist, burnt out teacher". I was wrong.

So I can feel the loss what you felt when those clubs closed. There are still a few kids who are actually interested in things like science but they are the shrinking minority nowadays. :(

I know from experience that a hobby can be abandoned, but sooner or later it will resurface in one's life. You are so young that I can safely say that you will experience these things. Until you are not independent you are very much limited in what you can do. That's life. But the time works for you - khm, for a few decades at least. :) You will be more and more independet by the day, albeit slowly. But you will get there at last, I know you know! :)

If I were you I would focus on my schooling at age 18! Focus on a subject that interests you most, be it physics or chemistry, or computers, or biology, stuff like that, choose a good school which fits your interest and learning capabilities and learn foreign language(s)! That's very important! Especially in Eastern Europe. ;)

Hobby can wait till Independence Day. :)

markx - 14-8-2019 at 12:57

Dreams inevitably have an expiration date, so I would not play on putting everything on hold until the "perfect" conditions arise. They never may. I find it is important to be able to do what you like every day....for at least for a glimpse of time.....and to struggle towards retaining and expanding that ability.

Yttrium2 - 16-8-2019 at 12:26

I had to send back my chemistry kit, parents saw the lead balls and materials to make black powder and was worried I'd be making a claymore (lead balls don't spark in a ball mill)

Later had to get rid of them about 3 other times

Yttrium2 - 16-8-2019 at 12:35

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mayko - 16-8-2019 at 14:55

That sounds like a very frustrating situation. I think that the good news is that you've identified attitudes and behaviors to avoid and things that make your life meaningful. You also don't have much reason or obligation to take advice from people who have run their own lives into the ground. You're right that the sooner you can get yourself into a different situation the better, but until then....... maybe don't pay more attention to the haters than you absolutely have to ;)

Sturge11 - 5-9-2019 at 21:24


Follow these dreams! See where they take you. Use different avenues to try to get to the same destination. Use discussion boards like this one for meaningful correspondence, use youtube as a means for getting yourself out there and a social media platform for further correspondence. Don't forget to continue your education in chemistry and physics. Your dream may be to operate a youtube channel with a lot of subscribers, however, you may find that as you grow, you evolve, and you may get a lot further than that with the drive that you currently have. Be open and keep following the path that you are.