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pyrolytic graphite

otonel - 4-2-2011 at 14:09

I m interested in magnetic levitation devices and i need pyrolytic graphite as diamagnetic material and I want to make some because I don`t find to buy.
Know somebody which in procedure to make pyrolytic graphite from normal graphite used in batteries and is possible to heat graphite using welding machine

crazedguy - 4-2-2011 at 15:13

Maybe try google, then try being more specific with your questions.

otonel - 5-2-2011 at 00:38

Where I find is very expensive, and I need large quantities

crazedguy - 5-2-2011 at 11:17

The wikipedia article says how it is made then figure out how to do that method.

bfesser - 5-2-2011 at 18:15

<a href="">United Nuclear</a> carries it. Good luck with the large quantities bit, though...

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White Yeti - 5-11-2011 at 08:31

It's expensive because of the process involved in the manufacturing process. IIRC, pyrolytic graphite is made when hydrocarbons are heated to high temperatures and turn into hydrogen and methane and leave a coat of pure carbon residue on the reactor walls.

It's similar to the way nanotubes are made, both substances are pretty expensive.