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Chemistry Jobs?

Armus_ - 4-2-2020 at 08:06

where can i get a job where i can research in fields that i want? do universities do this?

Texium - 4-2-2020 at 09:50

That's a super vague question. But the first step is getting a degree.

draculic acid69 - 4-2-2020 at 17:16

Without a degree there really isn't many scientific fields u can work in.funding your own research is about the only other way.or get sponsored by someone with money.
That's it.those are your options.

BromicAcid - 4-2-2020 at 20:01

Where do you live, what kind of research do you want to do? What are your timelines/goals? I know a few people who have gotten their foot in the door as chemical operators at the company where I work, then the company pays for college education. From there they get their chemistry degree while getting to work with chemicals in the meantime. At least where I work you determine your level of involvement, digging into the R&D side of things as time allows.

Armus_ - 5-2-2020 at 11:22

well im sorry for the vagueness i understand you need a degree i was just wondering what is available that is interesting. i mean i want to go into synthetic or inorganic chemistry but if i can understand organic chemistry then that could be another route if i like it. im scared to work for a company as a person that improves their products because there is a limited range of what i can actually do. i want to be able to discover new things in my field and examine their properties to see what they can improve or to see if they do have a use. another interest is to be able to turn useless things into useful products. for example turning plastic into petrol (i understand that i have to first have an understanding in organic chem to do that so thats why im trying my hardest to do learn it. i want to be able to make new things, research about them for their properties and to see if they can be any use to make things better. thats why im asking if universities will offer jobs or if there is a company that will allow research freedom probably for my benefit and their benefit.

Ubya - 5-2-2020 at 16:41

that would be the dream of every researcher, to just work on whatever one wants, but except in rare cases i don't even know, it is that, a dream.
usually you can exploremore aspects of a subject, but you can't really work on fullerene one day, and alkaloids the day after

B(a)P - 6-2-2020 at 02:34

No matter where you are working you need to work within the scope of what is required by the entity funding the project.