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Carbopol from sodium polyacrylate

Aqua_Fortis_100% - 17-3-2020 at 19:48

Since the recent covid pandemia there is no alcohol gel nor carbopol (carbomer 940) left anywhere here.

Is there a way to convert sodium polyacrylate to carbopol at home that is useable as thinkening agent for alcohol? Thanks!

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UC235 - 17-3-2020 at 20:16

No. However, a spray bottle of 70% alcohol should be as effective, provided you spray generously and the hands stay wet for a decent amount of time.

Twospoons - 17-3-2020 at 20:32

If you have an aloe plant you can get aloe gel to use as a thickener.

UC235 - 17-3-2020 at 20:41

Quote: Originally posted by Twospoons  
If you have an aloe plant you can get aloe gel to use as a thickener.

That doesn't actually work. Real aloe gel is thin and slimy and can't thicken anything. The stuff sold in the store as aloe gel is also carbomer and may contain something from an aloe plant somewhere in it.

Given that different carbomers would be used for 70% alcohol and water-based formulations, I'd expect it to mostly break down if you tried to add alcohol.

jamit - 25-3-2020 at 21:23

I ordered carbomer from amazon just before the White House “15 days to stop the spread of coronavirus”. The next day, when I tried to order another package it was all gone. You can’t get it anywhere. you can use xantan gum clear - cosmetic grade — to create a gel like hand sanitizer.