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Ethylene Carbonate from MEG and Urea

Swinfi2 - 28-8-2020 at 12:14

I'm looking for a way to make ethylene carbonate (EC) as a solvent for alkali electrolysis.

The wiki page has a reference to a research paper claiming 99%+ yields with:

Ethylene glycol + Urea --(150°c, 5kpa, ZnO)-> EC + 2NH3

The paper used an aspirator and removed the ammonia effectively to waste but I was wondering if I could trap the ammonia in some water that could be chilled (once the mp has depressed) to -20°c between the (fridge)pump and reaction vessel. Or would it be better to trap the gas after the pump?

symboom - 28-8-2020 at 14:33

The ammonia dissolving in the cold water should help pull an even stronger vacuum. As long as the ammonia is absorbed just as fast as it's produced just becareful with suck back