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bromine vapour

Heavy Walter - 22-9-2020 at 12:54

Low pressure of bromine in order to experiment with eximer lamps.

bromine.JPG - 1.1MB

Dr.Bob - 22-9-2020 at 17:18

I have an empty 500 g bottle of bromine that looks a lot like that. Even more fun when you have to measure it in a graduated cylinder and add to an addition funnel. There is vapor left in everything. Gotta be careful, it goes through gloves quickly, so work carefully. Finished that work, but have another large bromination coming up as well, so I can open the next big bottle up then.

Heavy Walter - 23-9-2020 at 08:34

Yes, tricky to handle it...
I first made vacuum into the vessel, then add some drops at the end of the closed valve, then opening slightly the valve left only a portion to enter into the vessel, so avoiding air into it.