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Data for solubility curves, different solvents, etc?

Fyndium - 22-10-2020 at 09:31

Is there any sort of credible source that one can find solubility data for different solvents and their solubility curves? How do you usually determine the best solvent for washing, recrystallization, etc?

Considering that chemistry has had way over 100 years to record pretty much every single combination of molecules in every temp and condition, I find it disturbing that it appears to be very hard to find solubility data.

chemist1243 - 22-10-2020 at 11:58

The best solvent for washing is the solvent in which the washed substance is least soluble in. You find this out by either making solubility data yourself via experimentation, or finding a credible source for solubility data of the compound your washing and making a solubility table. Nile red has a video in which he explains how to do this.

Recrystalization is a bit different. You want the solvent that dissolves the most amount of the desired compound at its boiling point but also dissolves the least amount of the desired compound at room temperature.

Try searching through erowid archives and TheHive. There is an incredible amount of information about things like crystallization, solubility, azeotropes, and other properties of many compounds other than just the physchoactive ones. I find This type of info is a lot more reliable than most reasearch papers for some reason.

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