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How to purify calcium acetate crystals

TriiodideFrog - 23-10-2020 at 04:18

TriiodideFrog - 23-10-2020 at 04:27

Recently, I made some calcium acetate crystals but they turned out brownish. Is there any way I can purify the crystals without doing the experiment again?

teodor - 23-10-2020 at 04:38

Probably you can join our discussion in this thread:

Corrosive Joeseph - 23-10-2020 at 10:15


Attachment: Solubilities of Calcium Acetates in the Temperature Range 0-100c - Saury et al. (1993).pdf (607kB)
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TriiodideFrog - 24-10-2020 at 17:42

Thanks for the help!