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Creating a noopept suspension?

AdamAlden - 7-11-2020 at 12:37

I've ordered a noopept nasal spray from an online source that was top of the line. It was high purity and potency. I accidentally sprayed a squirt out with the cap still on and it came out cloudy almost milky.

I decided to try to make this on my own as it is the absolute best nootropic I have ever taken and it's helping with my anxiety dramatically. I ordered some noopept powder and tried making a saturated solution in tap water and distilled water. The effects were highly potent at first but quickly the potency degrades over 1-3 days.

I got some deionized water and the potency lasts for many days now... My problem is that it's not as potent as the stuff I tried firstly... I know this can be due to a few different things like the potency of the noopept powder that I ordered but what I'm most concerned about is that my noopept solution is completely clear it was not murky or cloudy white at all like I was expecting. It does actually turn milky when I'm shaking it up and the powder is dispersed for a few moments but it quickly sinks to the bottom.

Now this is where my limited chemistry experience kicks in and I think hmmm I'm going to fully saturate some deionized water at around warm to warm hot temps and then keep stirring after i bring to room temperature for a couple days as it crystallizes out of solution. My thinking is that the crystals would be unable to grow large enough to sink to the bottom. Would this work? lol

Honestly 2 squirts instead of one is fine by me and I'm not sure this would even work. I'm looking for the easy method cause I wont be able to do anything that takes multiple days once I start work.

My other thought was building or buying some kind of pharmaceutical grade ball mill so I could mill the powder up but then I started thinking about how I would want to pump in nitrogen and I kinda lost interest.

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njl - 8-11-2020 at 08:12

Are you using the solution you made as a nasal spray?

AdamAlden - 8-11-2020 at 11:54

And yes I'm aware of the microorganisms that can cause infection I try to sterilize everything each time.

This is for my own use. I will never try to sell or give away what I make. I would like to get the problem figured out as it saves me a lot of money and hassle getting packages since I'm going to start truck driving soon I hope.

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AdamAlden - 8-11-2020 at 15:19

nvm i figured it out. I just need to grind it before i dissolve it. pharmaceutical ball mill would be best for this but this crappy mortar and pestle worked fine. Also I decided not to heat it up since it dissolved so well without any heat. I think heat actually reduced the potency before I could be wrong though. In fact I dissolved it at a cold temperature. It's like 68 degrees in my room so. Yeah this is for sure close to the quality that I got from the online store.