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Group buy Duran Keck vacuum erlenmeyer adapters

Bubbles - 28-11-2020 at 02:21

I melted my vacuum erlenmeyer's 'olive', drying it in the oven.
They are 10 euros + shipping to replace, but I can buy 10 for 41 euros.
I already destroyed one before so I want a few as backup (3 or 4).
Are people interested in buying some too?
I can send them to you free of surcharges, except for the price of shipping an envelope to your country.

Boffis - 29-11-2020 at 13:06

Hi Bubbles, I had the same problem, I overtightened mine and broke it so I bought a pack of 10 hence already have some spare if you are interested. U2U me if you are.

Boffis - 9-12-2020 at 04:06

Are these what you are looking for?

Keck hose adapters.jpg - 87kB

Bubbles - 6-1-2021 at 03:38

I can report back that I bought some from Boffis and it was a pleasant experience.

Boffis - 7-1-2021 at 13:53

Thanks Bubbles. Glad to hear they arrived OK.