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Bert - 25-2-2023 at 16:29

Quote: Originally posted by Raid  
Found anything?

It's a bit tough for even the kindest hearted of strangers to offer you appropriate (free!) equipment if you don't describe what kind of equipment you think you need and the types of chemistry/experiments you are thinking you need that equipment for?

Dr.Bob - 25-2-2023 at 17:37

He had told me some info privately. I am working on a good deal for him, but have limited solid reagent bottles left. Still have a few narrow mouth bottles left in a few sizes.

If anyone else is interested in scratch and dent glasseware, I do have lots of damaged filter flasks with broken vacuum inlets (or erlenmeyers with a hold in the top), and some other odd pieces. I have some really old grad cylinders, some without graduations (either never had them or really work off, could be fixed with a sharpie I think), and a few other odds and ends.

Dr.Bob - 28-2-2023 at 15:15

Here is a photo for someone who asked about Snyder columns.

20230228_180009 snyder cropped.jpg - 875kB

Dr.Bob - 16-5-2023 at 17:38

I have recently found a few older editions of the Merck Index, the bible of pharmacologists and medicinal chemists. Along with the previous books I posted before, I still have a fair number of science books available, so if anyone if looking for actual science books (yes, bound paper), please let me know, as I am trying to clean up more space of older books, and pass them on to younger scientists. All i would ask is postage at media rate, or that you come get some if you come through NC, or I can try to get them to you.

foxofax474 - 28-5-2023 at 11:03

Hey @Dr.Bob, seeing as this thread was started so long ago lol, do you have any undamaged beakers, (1 or 3 neck) round bottom flasks left, or perhaps even distillation setups like the one you mentioned earlier in the thread still available?

Would love to buy some (am in northeast US) if you still do :)

Dr.Bob - 28-5-2023 at 16:52

I have a few beakers left, very few 24/40 rbfs, a good number of various 14/20 rbfs, plus one 14/20 kit left, and many pieces of 24/40 kit (I could make a kit except I have few rbfs to go with it.). The best thing is to send me a u2u or email me at and you can give me more details on what sizes and such you are looking for. I have a shrinking list of things left, but I'm happy to do what I can.

I also have a mix of 19/22 kit, which is not really a whole kit as much as just a large mix of 19/22 stuff, might be ideal for someone who already have some 19/22 kit already and wants more. I also still have some 29/42 kit left, but it is mostly 3 necked rbfs and most of what you would need for a distillation setup.

Raid - 17-6-2023 at 11:26

Hello, I'm selling an empty co2 tank. It's good for up to 450ml of co2 and can be used for other gasses like nitrogen or argon.
Here are some images
I'm not very sure on what a good price would be so I'm going to start off at $75. DM to purchase.
Thanks :)

unnamed (2).jpg - 1.2MBunnamed (1).jpg - 1.2MBunnamed.jpg - 1.3MB

Raid - 18-6-2023 at 11:57

Also, is anyone selling 24/40 addition funnels and/or lab stands?

Dr.Bob - 19-6-2023 at 13:06

I have addition funnels in some sizes and joints, I might have a lab stand left or something similar, have lots of 1/2" rod and connectors.

Raid - 19-6-2023 at 13:20

The rods would work, but I would also need something to use as a stand. I have tried using wood in the past but it does not work very well, mostly because of how light the wood is and that it rots if you spill something on it.
Do you have any 24/40 addition funnels? If so I would like to know which sizes you have and I would be willing to buy one or two.
Thanks ;)

Dr.Bob - 19-6-2023 at 16:19

If you go back oine page, there are a bunch of photos of what I had a few months ago, and I have almost all of them still, I think I sold a couple 250 and 500 ml ones. The pricing is in the spreadsheet also fouind on that page (28) and are:

110 Addition Funnel, equilibrated, 24/40, used very good - non-graduated 125 ml 1 $50.00
111 Addition Funnel, equilibrated, 24/40, used very good 250 ml 1 $60.00
112 Addition Funnel, equilibrated, 24/40, used very good 500 ml 2 $65.00
113 Addition Funnel, equilibrated, 24/40, used very good 1000 ml 1 $75.00

If you scroll back through a few pages of this thread, you will see a good chunk of what I have left in 24/40 items, and many other bits and pieces.

Raid - 20-6-2023 at 08:09

Okay, Thanks I'll take a look at them.

Raid - 28-6-2023 at 11:16

I'm selling a Coors Buchner Funnel and a 500ml Filtering flask if anyone wants it.
The Buchner funnel is made of porcelain and is 250ml.
The Filtering Flask is Pyrex and heavy walled.

Buchner Funnel:

Filtering Flask:

Also, feel free to make a reasonable offer for the product you want. I would be happy to knock the price down a bit.

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Rainwater - 7-8-2023 at 14:23

Thank you Dr. Bob, despite the USPS's failed attempt to throw the package onto my front porch, your diligent packaging fouled there evil plot.

This is exactly what ive been looking for, its gonna work great in my setup

dettoo456 - 24-8-2023 at 11:17

This obviously isn’t my equipment and I don’t live anywhere near AU, but there is going to be a massive auction of lab equipment and supplies on Sep 12 in Queensland. The prices would probably be pretty fair too, if anyone is interested.

Dr.Bob - 25-8-2023 at 06:26

That's a lot of stuff, maybe J-sum and some of the other other Aussie's can do a group buy of hotplates or other useful things. Clearly a huge place or several business' worth of stuff there.

Glassware from Germany

Pinnick - 24-10-2023 at 00:41

Hey everyone,
a friend of mine is clearing out a Lab and I am helping him selling some of the glassware. There is some basic and some more advanced stuff. I haven't thought about prices so you can make suggestions. I am shipping from Germany. The picture shows some additional stuff I didnt include in the list.

I have multiple of the following Items, but I didn't count them all:
-2L Soxhlet Extractor
-1L Soxhlet Extractor
-500mL Soxhlet Extractor
-inverted Cold Trap
-Spinne mit Vakuum adapter
-Beakers, sizes: 5L, 2L, 1L, 250mL, 150mL
-Graduated cylinder, sizes: 100mL, 50mL, 25mL
-Volumetric flask, size: 200mL
-Pipette, volumetric/bulb, sizes: 100mL, 50mL, 30mL, 25mL, 20mL, 15mL, 10mL, 9mL, 7mL, 6mL, 5mL, 4mL, 3mL, 2mL, 1mL
-Pipette, Graduated, sizes: 10mL, 5mL, 1mL, 0.5mL, 0.2mL, 0.1mL, 0.05mL
-Erlenmeyer,sizes: 3L, 2L, 1L, 750mL, 300mL, 250mL, 100mL, 50mL, 25mL
-Erlenmeyer with ground joint, sizes: 500mL, 250mL, 100mL, 50mL
-Allihn/allyn condenser, ground joint bottom, top open
-Dimroth condenser, ground joint top and bottom
-Seperating funnel, sizes: 1L, 500mL, 250mL, 25mL
-Funnel, various sizes
-Funnel, Büchner, porcelain and sintered glass, various sizes and pore sizes from 1-4 ranging 10-50mL
-Büchner Flask, sizes 250mL and 100mL
-Joint clip (plastic) for NS 29/32
-Stirr Bars:
-Double edged, 55x8mm
-oval 50x20mm
-PTFE Stopper NS 29/32
-O-Ring (Parylene N 0.9-1-0nu)
-LED, green, 3mm, LG-3341-KQ
-Thermomether, range -10 to 150 in !Celsius!

I also have 2 fine scales if anyone is interested.
If you have any questions or would like to see some pictures of specific items please feel free to DM me.

Most of the glass has been used and I dont have the opportunity to clean it.
I have about 30 volumetric flasks and more pipetts that I can count, so I would be happy to sell them in large quantitys for a low price! My goal is primarly to get rid of the stuff, not to make a fortune.

glassware - Kopie.jpg - 2.7MB

Thanks Dr.Bob!

mc68k - 26-10-2023 at 12:42

Just wanted to give a shout-out to Dr.Bob, he helped me complete my micro-synthesis glassware set. Luckily we live in the same town, so that made 'shipping' much simpler!

Chemically Curious - 23-11-2023 at 13:51

I have a used thermoscientific peristaltic pump in, a pelican case for sale .if interested post reply or u2u I can provide pics

alexwoo10 - 28-11-2023 at 00:14

Does anyone have some 14/20 ground glass stoppers? Currently i'm using an abomination wooden stopper I made on the lathe which is terrible. I try to buy one but even one is so expensive

Dr.Bob - 28-11-2023 at 12:23

I have lots of them. I typically sell all jointed flask stoppers for for $5 each, but can make a deal if you want a few. I have 14/20, 19/22, 24/40, 29/42, and up to 45/50 and maybe larger. It would cost about $5 postage to mail a few with first class mail.

I also have the standard single number type stoppers like for sep funnels, grad cylinders, and volumetric flasks from #8 to #32 for $2-3 each, smaller are cheaper. They are a different taper than flask joint type ones, not sure why, but they are. But they are cheaper, but they are not near are well made, so not good for vaccum work, but not an issue on volumetrics and such.

I also have adapters from and to almost every standard taper joint size. These things and the prices are all hidden within the spreadsheet of glassware I have posted.

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alexwoo10 - 28-11-2023 at 23:29

Ok, what would an estimated price be for 4 14/20 stoppers, a thermometer adapter, two 100ml 14/20 3 necker (ideally with necks not at an angle but vertical), a 14/20 gas inlet thing (ideally with the long injecting stem that goes into the flask), and a claisen adapter?

I live in MD if that can help to estimate shipping.

[Edited on 29-11-2023 by alexwoo10]

Dr.Bob - 7-12-2023 at 18:53

Just to make things interesting, I am in the market for some #29 stoppers, like what fit onto 1L glass reagent bottles. I have scads of bottles, but am running out of the stoppers for the top. i would be happy to pay something for them, or trade them for other glassware, just need to be a reasonable price. But if you have more stoppers than bottles or just have found some loose, I would be interested in making a deal, as the bottles are not much use without a stopper. I do have lots of 24/40 bottle stoppers, far more than I have bottles, so I am happy to trade or sell them. Just need to figure out how to grow them a little.

Texium - 8-12-2023 at 09:55

I think I can help you out with that! I just need to find them

Dr.Bob - 8-12-2023 at 18:19

If you find them just let me know what you want for them, happy to make a good deal. Thanks.

Dr.Bob - 11-12-2023 at 11:03

I just found anbother small box of hardware, mostly clamp holders, aka bossheads, and related items.

There are a few lots of items that I would be happy to sell as a group, or a few at a time, if no one buys them all.

Fisher castaloy clamp holder bosshead trianglar.jpg - 175kB Fisher cataloy hook type clamp holder connector.jpg - 295kB

First is 12 working and 2 stuck (free bonus in case you can fix them) anglular Castaloy clamp holders, these run about $200 in Ebay new, I would sell the lot of 12 for $60, they run from like new to well used or corroded, but all working, except for the extra 2 stuck ones.

Next I have a set of the simpler Fisher Cataloy Flexframe Hook connectors, which are designed to simply hold 2 1/2" rods tight, can be used for lattice frames or holding clamps, but not as nice as the above ones. There are 17 of these, they run about $5 each on Ebay, I will do all 17 for $50, under $4 each, for the entire set. (I likely have more of these mixed in other lots of hardware if you want more.)

kimble round lattice connector.png - 241kB Ohaus lattice connector round.jpg - 23kB

Then I have the round Kimble type 1/2 inch lattice connectors, which are little aluminum balls with allen keys to tightten them, can be installed or taken off while lattice is intact, so very handy, but not really useful for clamps. I have 20 of these for $100, they sell for $20 new, and about $5-8 ea used on Ebay.

Next are 8 working and 5 non-working Ohaus round lattice connectors. They are very sturdy, but harder to assemble and take off. I would ask $50 for the entire lot.

big clamp 90 degree.jpg - 5kB

And lastly I have some mixed, but similar clamp holders, unbranded, that look like the link below, and are very sturdy clamp holders. I have 12 working ones. They sell new for a lot, about $25, but I want to go with $5 each, so $60 for the lot of 12.

Lastly, I just found about 6 more large Fisher 3 prong Cataloy clamps, which sell new for almost $100, I will sell them for $15, as they are are all in almost new condition. There are a few VWR ones that are of similar quality as well.

I have many other clamps, rings, and clamp holders also, but these I have a bunch of similar items for people that want a set of matching ones. I also have more broken ones, if anyone wants to try to fix some for cheap.

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Dr.Bob - 26-12-2023 at 17:44

A long time ago I spoke to someone who had a microscale setup with mostly 10/18 and 14/10 joints. I found a few pieces of this that I knew I had, but could not find for a while. Mostly a couple of 10/18 condensers and some other odd bits. If you are them or anyone who can really use some 10/18 condensers, please let me know so I can give them to you. I likely have more scattered around of small stuff, so please let me know. I also have a number of Weaton V-bottom vials in a few sizes and styles, plus stir bars and other bits for them, if anyone is interested in them. I would have to sell them for a little bit, but not much.

Dr.Bob - 12-1-2024 at 06:21

I have been asked for an updated list of available glassware, so I just finished editing the list to be as close as possible, given the flux of stuff in and out. I have hidden most of the items with 0 inventory, but sometimes I can find those items or have one that is dirty, damaged, or recently found. But the items shown as in stock I should have available.

Attachment: Glassware Inventory Jan 2024.xls (95kB)
This file has been downloaded 170 times

Dr.Bob - 12-1-2024 at 19:39

Some non-equilibrated addition funnels below. I have 2 x 125 ml ones that are PTFE stopcock. The top is a TS 222 stopper, I can provide one, this is not 24/40 compatible. There is also a graduated 125 ml one, with a 24/40 compatible top. I would ask $30 for any of them.

Also some 24/40 to 14/20 bump bulbs that I photographed for someone else, but figured I would post here before they go to Ebay. $20-25 each.

Also some Kugelrohr bulbs in many sizes and styles, all 14/20, from 5 or 10 ml up to 250, even some long ones for large amounts. They can also be used as Rotovap bump traps, or distillation bump bulbs or small solvent resevoirs for little columns, if you really reach for uses.
24-40 non-eq 125 ml add funnels 20240113_171113.jpg - 534kB 20221008_101543.jpg - 861kB20220826_145940 24-40 to 14-20 bump bulbs.jpg - 1.5MB

20240113_173249 larger kugelrorhs.jpg - 1.4MB 20240113_172823_001 small kugelrohrs.jpg - 1001kB

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dettoo456 - 18-1-2024 at 17:01

Addition funnel bought from Dr.Bob was cheap, shipped fast, and arrived in great condition. Columns bought in the past from him were just the same; fantastic. Thanks

Dr.Bob - 25-1-2024 at 16:55

Just want to make a note that I will be away for a few days, but will answer all messages once I get back. Thanks for all of the help cleaning out my basement, garage, storage space, etc.

Dr.Bob - 9-2-2024 at 05:14

I am back from my trip, and was asked for my email by someone, it is craigslistinnc @, if you email me there, I will email you back from there and give you my real email. I get spammed on any account I post, so I have to go through a lot of mess. Sorry for the trouble.

Dr.Bob - 14-3-2024 at 12:31

I have some old Fisher drawer organizers left that I would like to sell, or take some offers on. Most are 18 x 19 " in size, and I have about 4 or more types. I attached some photos of similar items. These are an older model, made of polystyrene or such, and are a little brittle from age. But they sell new for $50-60 each, and I want to sell them for $10-20 each plus postage, or less if you buy a few. I just found a box that would hold up to about 6 or so of them, so if anyone is willing to buy a bunch, I can make a deal, and ship them easily. They are ideal for pipettes, small parts, small flasks, beakers, vials, and much more. I have a pile of them and will never use them all, so better to sell a few and have more space to sort other glassware. I am having issues getting the photos to display, see the link below for the Fisher site showing most of these organizers.

Attachment: fisher drawer organizer 1.webp (6kB)
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Attachment: fisher drawer organizer 2.webp (7kB)
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Attachment: fisher drawer organizer 3.webp (15kB)
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Attachment: fisher drawer organizer 4.webp (4kB)
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Dr.Bob - 24-3-2024 at 09:28

Updated the spreadsheet again. It is listed below for uploading.

I keep finding graduated cylinders in smaller sizes, (10 to 100 ml), have a few sets made up of 10, 25, 50, and 100 ml sizes, including new ones for most sizes but 25 ml. I will sell the set of 4 of them for $16 each, or $20 if you want 5, and I can fill in an extra one of whatever extra size I can find. Still have lots of smaller erlenmeyers, volumetrics, filter flasks, and smaller multineck RBFs. Running out of small one necks in 14/20, mostly out of 24/40 rbfs, and still have a few 29/42 ones.

Attachment: Glassware Inventory Mar 2024.xls (80kB)
This file has been downloaded 125 times

Dr.Bob - 7-4-2024 at 08:08

Here are some photos of a bunch of 29/42 pieces that I have left and was photographing for someone, so I will post them for anyone what is interested in 29/42 glassware. There are many adapters, short paths (with 10/30 therm joints), vacuum adapters, gas inlets, Dean starks, addition funnels, and much more. I have more addition funnels somewhere, up to 2L size. If you should be interested in any of it, please let me know which items and either an offer or I can give you a price. Most things would be the same price as the 24/40 equivalent item.

I also have a number of 3 and 4 necked rbfs in 29/42 with straight and vertical necks of 250 and 500 ml size. i'd ask the same price as the equivalent 24/40 3 neck flaskand . I also have enough stuff to make one more "kit" with a claisen, dist head, condenser, gas inlets, and more.

20240407_110152 cropped.jpg - 1.6MB20240407_110616 cropped.jpg - 1.6MB20240407_111250 cropped.jpg - 1.2MB20240407_111850 cropped.jpg - 1.4MB

Dr.Bob - 15-4-2024 at 07:24

Here are a couple of condensers I have, might sell one shortly, but I have several of the lower ones, which is a West condenser combined with a curved vacuum adapter, all 24/40 joints, asking $25 for it. The top one is a simple West with a 24/40 bottom joint but a simple joint at the top, like for a rubber stopper, I would only ask $10 for it.

20240415_073444 long condenser cropped.jpg - 756kB

Dr.Bob - 22-4-2024 at 16:16

Someone asked me about HPLC columns. I have a bunch, mostly very old, a few might be new, but most were used and then sealed and stored for years. I am willing to sell them for very little as they are, given that I don't know if they work or not. If anyone is at an acedemic location, I will give most away for the shipping costs. Some are likely quite expensive when new, and I suspect that many of these are usable or fixable with some reconditioning (run water to acetonitrile and back a few times or such).

So I will be posting the columns as I dig them out.

Rainin Microsorb CN 80-820-C5 - new in sealed box, heavy sucker - make an offer

Keystone - Asahipak ODP 250x2mm 255-520-2 5um 200 A

Keystone - Cyano/B 250x4.6mm 255-303 5um 100 A

Phenominex Aqua 5u C18 125A 00D-4299-N0 100 x 10.0 mm 5u semi-prep

Phenominex Synergi 4u MAX-RP 80A 00F-4337-E0 150 x 4.6 mm 4u (C12 neutral?)

Diazem Amine C60CAMQ-25046 analytical column

Dr.Bob - 4-5-2024 at 11:01

A few more things to post I just found. Not sure what some are, but I will describe. make me an offer if you want to make one.

From the right side: 2 long fritted gas inlets - 24/40 joint on top - 2 gas barbs, tube is about 12" long. - Asking $15

Next two (and the 2 pieces on the far left are what's left of another) are 24/40 joint with upper inlet and top open tube, and a very long (~15") open ended tube going into the flask. No idea what this is for. Asking $15 each plus a free broken one to the first buyer.

Next a Snyder column with the middle floating ball broken. no idea if it will work, nexrly impossible to repair, happy to give to someone who buys anything else and pay shipping.

Lastly, some sort of bubbler thing with 2 24/40 joints anda fritted tube inside. $10 or make me an offer.

20240504_141355 long things cropped.jpg - 1MB

Dr.Bob - 4-5-2024 at 11:38

Here is another set of photos of the 19-22 kit I have slowly assembled from bits and pieces. It is nearly a full setup, with a variety of flasks (some all 19/22, some mixed with 14/20 or 24/40 joints), a few distilation heads, a claisen, 4 various condensers (one is a coil and outer jacket combo), a few odd Soxlets that may work with some of the condensers, gas inlets, and many other pieces and various adapters. Plus some adapters to other sizes, septa keck clips, and some stoppers. The one complex distillation head alone would sell for $400 new, but I am asking $150 for the entire collection. Or make me an offer. This is basically every 19/22 item I have found in the last few years all combined into one lot.

20240504_152403 19-22 glassware kit cropped.jpg - 1.5MB 20240504_152307 19-22 closer view cropped.jpg - 1.2MB

Dr.Bob - 6-5-2024 at 07:07

I have been told the the long glass items 2 posts back might be from some "cyanide distillation apparatus", used for certain analytical digestions, not quite sure what they are used for exactly. But I found more of them, and will likely post them on Ebay, but I have lots, so if you want to play with one, I will sell cheap. Please don't distill cyanides with them.

Phosphor-ing - 24-5-2024 at 16:42

I’m interested in this lot. I sent you an email.

Dr.Bob - 3-6-2024 at 17:44

I just found a few boxes of bottles, some narrow mouth 1L amber ones, some wide mouth clear bottles, and some medium mouth amber bottles. I'm happy to sell them for $2 each, less in bulk, and would be happy to sell a box full for a good price. I also still have 100 ml clear, amber and plastic coated narrow mouth bottles, and many others. Please let me sell you a bunch and find them a nice home.

20240528_212614 crop.jpg - 1012kB 20240528_212655 bottles 2.jpg - 865kB 20240528_212814 bottle3.jpg - 847kB

Dr.Bob - 11-6-2024 at 14:27

I have another sad piece of news. Another long time collegue of mine has passed away, of an agressive cancer that spread quickly and left him little time to prepare. He had worked with me for a while, then started his own business and ran another small chemical company for almost 30 years. Given the speed of the cancer, he had little time to clean up and close his business, so his wife has now inherited a small lab full of glassware, chemicals, equipment, and who knows what more. I am hoping I can help her to deal with some of it, but not quite sure of the details yet. But there are rotovaps, hotplate/stirplates, much glassware and so much more. So if you might be interested, please let me know, but I won't have a real inventory of what is there for a month or so.

I hope to help his wife get enough in sales to pay for the disposal of some of the waste and old chemicals he had there, which may be harder without knowing what is in each thing. There are also larger things, overs, balances, ventalated weighing boxes, 4 fume hoods, solvent cabinets, shelves, and much, much, more. If anyone in the NC area wants to come haul away some larger things, please let me know. I hope to sort out the glassware within a month or so, then start selling it, there is quite a bit, from small flasks, going up to fairly large rbfs, like 5 and 12L or so. I just want to help his wife clean out the space so she can end the lease within a few months if possible. Not quite sure how that will happen yet.

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