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book about amateur rocketry

CouchHatter - 5-12-2020 at 19:57

I used to have a PDF of a particular book that I am quite sure I got from this forum (or someone present), only last year it seems. It is a book about starting your own amateur rocket club and details the process and responsibilities of designing and building an amateur rocket, as well as many details and tables of fuel burn rates and composition. It was written about 50 years ago I think.

It is not the book in the library called Ignition! , which is the only PDF about amateur rockets that I have been able to find. I also went through my post history and PMs which turned up nothing. I know I didn't imagine this book, and I hoped it might sound familiar to someone more familiar with energetics. I was just starting to get serious about it. My personal server drive died and I did not have it backed up recently enough.

Edit: incredible! So many books, that sure will keep me busy. Thank you both. It was indeed the same book.

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Corrosive Joeseph - 5-12-2020 at 20:06

12 pages of rocket books.... Should keep you busy for a while !!


bobm4360 - 5-12-2020 at 20:23

Probably Brinley's "Rocket Manual for Amateurs", which is available at C.J.'s link above.

TriiodideFrog - 9-12-2020 at 03:48

Ignition by John Drury Clark is aa good book.

Here is an online version on Sciencemadness!

itsallgoodjames - 9-12-2020 at 07:39

Quote: Originally posted by TriiodideFrog  
Ignition by John Drury Clark is aa good book.

Here is an online version on Sciencemadness!

^^^^ this. That book is amazing, just don't expect to replicate much of what's in it.

krot - 13-4-2021 at 04:08

This is a pretty good book about model rockets!

Pyro_cat - 23-4-2021 at 19:07

My favorite rocket video on YT

Fulmen - 23-4-2021 at 22:58

Very nice find, I'm taking notes :-)