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Glassware for sale/trade/identifying

Nilson - 2-3-2011 at 14:01

Hello everyone, haven't really posted on here at all really, just been reading a lot. I discovered the site a couple weeks ago, etc. etc. So, hi, I'm Nilson.

Here's what's up, I found an older gentleman on craigslist who was selling some glassware that he found stored in a warehouse he purchased. I went to check it out, and seeing what was there, I figured I could use about 25-50% of the stuff, and picked it all up pretty cheap as a lot sale.

There's a few pieces in the lot whose purpose I'm not entirely sure of, but can at least guess at.

I intend to retain the sep funnels, and everything with 24/40 joints, which includes the 3 long condensers on the right, and 1 or 2 three neck RBFs. Otherwise, I'm looking to sell pretty cheap or possibly trade for some things I need.

Things I need:
-A few (1-3) ground glass stop cocks ($4 size) for the 250ml? sep funnels
-A teflon stop cock for the larger sep funnel
-24/40 Claisen Adapter
-24/40 stoppers
-24/40 thermometer adapters
-various sized 24/40 RBFs (single or multi-neck)
-A 24/40 reflux condenser
-A 24/40 vigreux column
-Beakers (<500mL or >1L)
-24/40 addition funnel
-size 27 or 22 ground glass stoppers

Things I have for trade/sale:
-3x 500mL 19/22 three-neck RBFs
-A 45/50 ground glass joint gas dispersion tube? (one of the connections on top is broken, but still use-able)
-Melting point determination apparatus
-A handful of jars w/ vacuum connections on the bottom
-2 tubes with electrical connections for electrolysis? (has a vacuum connection and two wire leads running out of a rubber stopper, that connect to a coil inside the tube)
-Some other random stuff I can't identify

Everything in the lot is Pyrex/Kimax

If you see something I didn't list, please feel free to inform me of its use, it would be appreciated.

If you see something you need, please feel free to make an offer of $ or if you have something on my list you'd like to trade, please let me know.

All of this is located in Virginia, US. I'm willing to ship provided you're willing to pay for shipping costs to wherever.


Large sep funnel I need a teflon stop-cock and $27 stopper for:

Smaller sep funnels I need a $22 glass stopper and $4 ground glass stop-cocks for:

Don't know what these are for(there's 3-4 of them in the lot though)

The large gas dispersion tube?:

Nilson - 4-3-2011 at 09:08

The three 3 neck 19/22 500mL RBFs are spoken for as of now.

If anyone has a use for this stuff, please let me know. In reality, it's just taking up space at the moment so I'm open to almost all trades

Wizzard - 4-3-2011 at 11:04

Are these items spoken for?
Long glass tube 2nd from bottom of the first picture
Any of the bottles like the one labeled "3871"

I'm in Boston, but I have nothing for trade- I hope cash is ok :)

Nilson - 10-3-2011 at 14:15

U2U sent

SHADYCHASE54 - 11-3-2011 at 01:04

I would like a west condenser if you have a 24/40 left from the first pic also how long are they approx. In the second pic. I see a u tube sort of thing underneath the item with the rubber stopper in it, is that a manometer? and if so how much?

Nilson - 12-3-2011 at 13:46

the condensers are 600mm long, i'm not sure what that thing is, it has a crack in it though, so you probably don't want it.