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Ammonium perchlorate from ammonium bicarbonate

dangerous amateur - 6-2-2021 at 09:01

Assuming I have perchloric acid, what would be the most advisable route to AP?

If i chose the bicarbonate route:
A lot of the stuff offered is foodgrade.

If the material is stated to be 99% pure, what will the other 1% contain?

Is there reason to believe there are metal ions in there?
The starting materials are gasses after all.

hissingnoise - 6-2-2021 at 09:17

Assuming you don't have PA, the most advisable route would be a metathesis reaction between sodium perchlorate and practically any soluble ammonium salt...

woelen - 6-2-2021 at 09:22

Easiest is to mix ammonia solution with the perchloric acid, using excess ammonia. Then let the liquid evaporate. Water and excess ammonia evaporate, pure ammonium perchlorate remains behind.

dangerous amateur - 7-2-2021 at 09:19

Ammonia solution of course...

That leads me to a similar question:
Imagine the Ammonia solution comes from a hardware store and is technical...

What kind of impurities can one assume to be in there?

Yes I know about the sodium method, perhaps later when I hopefully make my own...

woelen - 7-2-2021 at 10:06

Ammonia from a hardware store may contain all kinds of impurities, depending on country or region. In some countries, surfactants are added, or dyes, or agents with a pleasant smell. In other countries, it is just water with some ammonia. If the ammonia has a smell different from pure ammonia, then do not use that. Try to find another brand.

If you want to be sure, drive off the ammonia from the product from the hardware store by boiling it and lead this into the solution of HClO4, until that solution has a clear smell of ammonia. Then allow the liquid to evaporate and pure NH4ClO4 remains behind, without the impurities of the ammonia. Be careful with the leading of ammonia in the liquid, use an inverted funnel, or use a bottle between the ammonia generator and the solution of HClO4. With ammonia you very easily have suck-back, due to the extreme solubility of ammonia in water.

dangerous amateur - 28-5-2021 at 14:59

Thank you woelen, I'll try it that way:)