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Reagents for sale UK

ytterbium - 9-4-2021 at 02:02

I have a few reagents I am looking to sell. They're available for pickup in the UK, so please message me if you're interested and I will provide more details about location and pricing :)

All of the reagents are old stock, mostly opened with a portion left. The containers are in varying conditions.

Here is the list of reagents, brands and *approximate* amounts

-Sodium Azide 100g 99% (Alfa Aesar)
-Acetaldehyde dimethyl acetal 80g of 100g left 90%+ (Alfa Aesar)
-Hydrazine hydrate 3/4 of a 250g bottle 80% (Acros)
-4-methoxybenzylamine 15g of 25g left 98% (Alfa Aesar)
-Diethyl oxalate 450g 90% (Alfa Aesar)
-Ammonium formate 3/4 of 500g bottle 97% (Acros)
-Pyridine 200ml(?)
-Ethyl acetate 2.3L
-N,N-dimethylformamide dimethyl acetal 25g (Maybridge)
-2,2,2-trifluoroethyltrichloromethanesulfonate 3g 94% (Alfa Aesar)
-Benzyl bromide 190g (Fluorochem)
-Sodium hydride 60% 100g (?)
-Phosphorus oxychloride 400g 99% (Acros)

There are some more that I will add shortly.

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ytterbium - 9-4-2021 at 13:15

-Chloroacetyl chloride almost full 250ml (Alfa Aesar)
-Ethyl acetoacetate 8/9 of 500g 99+% (Alfa Aesar)
-THF 2/3 of 2.5L (Rathburn)
-1-fluoro-4-nitrobenzene 1/4 of 100g (Acros)
-1,4-Dioxane 1/3 of 1L (Rathburn)

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ytterbium - 10-4-2021 at 02:41

-Thionyl chloride 99.7% around 550ml (Acros)
-Urea hydrogen peroxide, 1g tablets, stabilised, contains 35 wt% H2O2 around 1/3 of 250g bottle (Acros) (the tablets are no longer individual and seem to have formed a solution)
-Methanol 2L (?)
-1-fluoro-2-nitrobenzene 1/2 of 50g (Alfa Aesar)
-2,3-dichloro-5-(trifluoromethyl)pyridine (Apollo scientific)

ytterbium - 11-4-2021 at 12:06

-N,N-DMF 1/3 of 2.5L (Rathburn)
-Sodium metabisulfite 500g
-Silica Gel 40-63 micron 60A 600g (Fluorochem)
-Ammonium molybdate (para) tetrahydrate 99% (Alfa Aesar)
-Potassium Chloride 500g (LP Chemicals)
-Iron Filings 300g (LP Chemicals)
-Copper Sulphate 200g (LP Chemicals)
-Potassium Carbonate 250g (LP Chemicals)
-Potassium tert-butoxide slightly under 1/2 of 100g (Alfa Aesar) (Layer on top seems to have reacted with the atmosphere)
-Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate 1/3 of 500g (Fluorochem)

ytterbium - 16-4-2021 at 02:22


-Sodium Azide
-Hydrazine Hydrate
-Potassium Chloride

AngelEyes - 19-4-2021 at 03:40

I bought some of the reagents sold by ytterbium (those three listed above). They were well packaged and seem legit. I haven't had the chance to perform any chemical tests on them yet as I had a fairly busy weekend, but I have no reason to doubt they are what the bottles claim they are.
I'll try and get some tests done this week and report back if anything isn't right. But I'm sure it's all fine, ytterbium looked fairly trustworthy.


ytterbium - 2-7-2021 at 02:14

The above reagents are still available. Please message me if you're interested :)

ytterbium - 27-7-2021 at 03:12

I'd be able to do a good deal for anyone interested in quite a few of these.