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Insulin from the Cod Fish

Pyro_cat - 17-4-2021 at 21:35

Think you could do it if SHTF ?

Pyro_cat - 17-4-2021 at 21:42

Aloesci - 17-4-2021 at 22:41

I love to think just how the conversation went when Mr Graham approached a bunch of fishermen and asked for help to get the tiny islet tissue of 108 Fish! Its a fascinating idea for diabetics in disaster/end-of-the world scenarios to produce their own insulin.

Personally i wouldn't like to do an extraction with fish, but apparently you can buy animal pancreas in some butcher shops, and i'm sure if you specifically asked for it they would provide it for you. It might be easier to pretend that its for your dog to eat though ;)

phlogiston - 18-4-2021 at 07:52

I used to obtaine bovine brains, livers, kidneys and a heart directly from abbatoirs when I was doing biochemical research. Its can be a good source if you need a lot of a particular tissue (the alternative being laboratory animals, which tend to be much smaller than farm animals), and you can it really fresh if you ask (minutes after slaughter), and you don't have to go through the lengthy process of getting approval from the ethical committee for your research (because it is waste or sold for consumption anyway).
The abbatoirs never raised an eyebrow. One of the guys told me they often get similar requests from schools that use lungs, eyes etc in biology class.

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