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pilot scale glassware for sale [from GERMANY]

workbench - 26-4-2021 at 23:56

great to be back. :)
my friend bought two laboratories and asked me whether I could offer it to english audiences as he's not familiar with it. I thought, some of you might be interested.
Due to this being a private endeavour and me not being active in the chemistry business anymore, I cannot promise to answer everyday but I promise to check this forum as many times as possible, hopefully, time allows for daily correspondence. It would make things easier for the three of us (you, him and me in the middle) to have a price suggestion from your side concerning the item you're interested in.
There is LOADS of glassware not accounted for, so just ask for it.

One thing that is important for me:
Pretty pretty please, for the love of freedom, please let me know about law regulation concerning the purchase of glassware. I only know of US-regulations but am unaware of its spcialities. Being a citizen of the old world, there is no regulation surrounding these tools so I wholeheartedly hereby offer the following items:

information dated [2020-04-27]

workbench - 27-4-2021 at 00:02

1619452332450.jpg - 97kB 1619452332462.jpg - 104kB 1619452332464.jpg - 137kB 1619452332436.jpg - 219kB 1619452332453.jpg - 111kB 1619452332429.jpg - 85kB 1619452332433.jpg - 132kB 1619452332426.jpg - 132kB 1619452332446.jpg - 131kB 1619452332440.jpg - 131kB 1619452332459.jpg - 117kB 1619452332456.jpg - 139kB 1619452332443.jpg - 147kB 1619452332422.jpg - 89kB 1619452197561.jpg - 129kB 1619452197534.jpg - 79kB 1619452197550.jpg - 74kB 1619452197570.jpg - 127kB 1619452197587.jpg - 77kB 1619452197556.jpg - 83kB

workbench - 27-4-2021 at 00:05

1619452197537.jpg - 84kB 1619452197611.jpg - 123kB 1619452197565.jpg - 105kB 1619452197530.jpg - 144kB 1619452197589.jpg - 134kB 1619452197527.jpg - 176kB 1619452197595.jpg - 128kB 1619452197543.jpg - 111kB 1619452197608.jpg - 123kB 1619452197581.jpg - 86kB 1619452197553.jpg - 160kB 1619452197576.jpg - 175kB 1619452197598.jpg - 84kB 1619452197578.jpg - 106kB 1619452197592.jpg - 128kB 1619452197600.jpg - 149kB 1619452197603.jpg - 105kB

Pinnick - 27-4-2021 at 00:17

I sent you a U2U :)

workbench - 27-4-2021 at 02:12

1619517072499.jpg - 101kB 1619517072539.jpg - 68kB 1619517072530.jpg - 98kB 1619517072524.jpg - 100kB 1619517072517.jpg - 130kB 1619517072520.jpg - 150kB 1619517072510.jpg - 125kB 1619517072487.jpg - 172kB 1619517072527.jpg - 125kB 1619517072514.jpg - 116kB 1619517072483.jpg - 86kB 1619517072474.jpg - 74kB 1619517072536.jpg - 78kB 1619517072533.jpg - 128kB 1619517072503.jpg - 118kB 1619517072492.jpg - 97kB 1619517072479.jpg - 99kB

Panache - 27-4-2021 at 05:30

as did i...send you a u2u

Panache - 27-4-2021 at 05:54

also can i just add

FUCK ME WHAT A SET OF PHOTOS OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xxxhibition - 27-4-2021 at 13:23

Wow this it is Gear Porn :o
Komme aus DE NRW...
Is it possible to buy from the area where it sits?
Is there a item list or should i make one in what iam interested and you look if you have it?
I hope i have not misunderstood because you like to offer to English sector but not at all?
Love all the Pictures:cool:

Belowzero - 28-4-2021 at 00:20

My girlfriend caught me watching dirty pictures :P

PM sent.

workbench - 28-4-2021 at 01:49

glad you like them.
there is so much more that I am rather unhappy not to be able to have a list for you. please try to specify as narrow as possible what you are looking for as it doenst stop at the pictures by far. Also, theres a glass blower working together with my friend, who looks back on a hell of a lot experience.

1619602547255.jpg - 76kB1619602547281.jpg - 57kB1619602547287.jpg - 35kB1619602547269.jpg - 32kB1619602547263.jpg - 61kB1619602547275.jpg - 88kB1619602547284.jpg - 49kB1619602547290.jpg - 304kB1619602547260.jpg - 93kB1619602547278.jpg - 89kB1619602547272.jpg - 109kB1619602547251.jpg - 96kB1619602547296.jpg - 160kB1619602547293.jpg - 134kB

j_sum1 - 28-4-2021 at 01:52

This is all in Germany, right?
If only I lived in Europe. Mever mind. I will enjoy the pictures. Some of thise custom pieces are just crazy.

workbench - 28-4-2021 at 03:03

Quote: Originally posted by j_sum1  
This is all in Germany, right?
If only I lived in Europe. Mever mind. I will enjoy the pictures. Some of thise custom pieces are just crazy.

Yes it is in Germany. My friend is rather experienced in shipping glassware so you could expect it to arrive healthy even on the other side of the solar system. :)
I am especially astonished by the little double-walled RBF's. Imagine how long it took the glass blowers to create them. It takes some skill for those.
Also, 20-chambered bell bottom column. (dont know the term for that one in english) One should succeed in some sharp separations with that one. :)

Panzerkemie - 29-4-2021 at 08:31

i u2u'ed you :)

karlos³ - 29-4-2021 at 13:46

Woah... do you have anything in NS 24/40?

Dr.Bob - 29-4-2021 at 17:50

If you have any KD-22 rotovap seals in the pile of stuff, I would be interested in some. In the US, but those would be easy to ship in a small envelope.

workbench - 29-4-2021 at 23:38

@Karlos³ : as most parts (if not all) were produced in or for Germany, chances are rather slim to find glassware with a 24mm diameter within that very pile (those piles :D). Standard here is NS14, NS29, NS19. I reckon, there will be some parts but I fear, those are rather rare. As mentioned, there is a glassblower, so I will pass a questiion adressing adaptors.

@Dr.Bob : just passed that question to my friend. Then again, I couldnt find anything on KD-22 on google. Why is that? Only the seals as spare part are available from several shops. It is büchi-manufactured, correct?

Dr.Bob - 30-4-2021 at 07:02

The main vacuum seal on the Buchi rotovaps shown (R111 or R114) are a KD-22 part (at least in the US), it is a black rubber seal with a tan inner lining, it might have a different part number in Germany, but they are becoming vary hard to find now, at least in the US. They would be in a small plastic bag, likely stored with any other Rotovap parts. A link to a photo is below:

if you find any, I would be interested in buying some.

That is an enormous pile of glass and equipment. I thought I had a lot when I started helping my friend Ed, but you clearly hit the jackpot there.

There is some very nice stuff in that lot, but it may take years to sell it all.

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Pinnick - 6-5-2021 at 12:24

I know I'm new to the forum and therefore not that trustworthy but I'm going to give a a quick review anyways:
I bought a variety of glassware including a vigreux column, a dean-stark apparatus, a dimroth-condenser and some basic stuff like beakers, round bottom flask, etc. Everything was offered at a very good price and some of the stuff is in its original packaging. I have never seen that much glassware or such a variaty. They have basically everything. If you are looking for something specific, they probably have it. I can only recommend. Very happy and would defenetly buy again. Thanks for the opportunity!

Keras - 7-5-2021 at 00:05

This is pretty much oversized for what I do, but still, how much would he sell any of those Rotovaps? Also, any vacuum pump?
Viel Spaß, dazu! :p


workbench - 7-5-2021 at 08:15

My apologies for the late response. Family keeping me busy.
My friend was a bit overwhelmed by the resonance he got from you. Both storage areas are >100km from where he lives. Thats the reason for him not being able to answer every request straight away. He will be there once a week and have a look whether that sought item is there which is why he cannot answer straight away. So, I need to step back from the promise to check messages every day. It will be weekly, at the very minimum.

To answer reoccuring questions upfront:
-The several Rotovaps R114 shall go for 600EU a piece.
- He offers walkarounds only for the ones interested in buying bulk. Everything small is stored in boxes, so there is nothing to see, but only to search there.
-There are reactors ranging from 1 Liter to 100 Liters, they go from 600 to 8000 Euros including accessoires. Either they are heated via a double-mantle or come with a metal waterbath container and thus, require a thermostat They include a top with an overhead stirrer and its fittings (its called KPG-stirrer in Germany). There are several available:
Reactors are:
- 10L or 50L including water bath: 600/1500EU respectively
- 0.5L, 1L, 3L, 5L, 15L double mantle reactors:
600, 600, 2500, 5000, 8000 EU respectively.
- 100L including internal heating: 3500EU, without heating : 2000EU

There are two metal autoclaves not accounted for on the pictures:
3L / 180 bar and a 1L up to 100 bar

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Keras - 7-5-2021 at 10:40

Thanks for the pricing of the rotovaps. That model is way oversized for me (I couldn't even connect one of my flasks to it) but at that price level, it’s a snip for whomever is interested. I’m not sure anyone will ever buy a 100 L reactor, lol :)

Viele Grüße nochmals and vielen Dank!

zed - 13-5-2021 at 00:50

The U.S. federal government places few restrictions on the transfer of equipment. Items of interest are... Tableting Machines, Hydrogenators, 22 Liter Flasks and heating Mantles... That's pretty much it. U.S. Suppliers are required to keep records of sales. Not really illegal to buy, sell, or own.... The government just likes to keep track of such items.

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